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  1. To help you it would be nice to see your CSV file, or at least some portion of it.
  2. Depends on the specific theme, I was looking at the standard files, where it's h2. Try clearing the cache or something, if you deleted the right thing in the right place it must take effect.
  3. Go to Modules -> Positions and look what you have in the displayHomeTab section. If the Homefeatured module is there - unhook it. Or you can disable the homefeatured module totally.
  4. Hi Rasmus! I thinks this is more a theme thing, not something that should be a feature. You can find it in blockcategories.tpl in your theme/modules/blockcategories. Delete the whole H2 tag and the block will have no title. <h2 class="title_block"> {if isset($currentCategory)} {$currentCategory->name|escape} {else} {l s='Categories' mod='blockcategories'} {/if} </h2>
  5. Hey Roland! You probably have a currency restriction set for PayPal. Check out the Modules -> Payments settings. It rather all should be set to "Customer currency", I bet yours is "USD".
  6. A czy w edycji atrybutu produktu masz poprawnie je ustawione? (Katalog -> Atrybuty -> Rozmiar -> kolumna "Pozycja")
  7. Checkout w Preście jest daleki od ideału, w tej sytuacji jedyne szybkie rozwiązanie, jakie mi się nasuwa to przestawienie go na one-page.
  8. Miałem tak kiedyś, ale to się działo na kopii modułu bankwire, która miała zmienioną nazwę na bankwire2. Tutaj chyba nie zachodzi taka sytuacja? Poniższy kod odpowiada za to sprawdzanie: // Check that this payment option is still available in case the customer changed his address just before the end of the checkout process $authorized = false; foreach (Module::getPaymentModules() as $module) if ($module['name'] == 'bankwire') { $authorized = true; break; } if (!$authorized) die($bankwire->l('This payment method is not available.', 'validation'));
  9. Witam, mamy w ofercie moduł robiący dokładnie to. Można w nim ustawić grupę wyjściową oraz grupę docelową i w momencie zmiany jednej na drugą klient dostaje maila. Zapraszam: [email protected]
  10. Generally you translate the modules via Prestashop translation menu, not the files.
  11. Commenting all that stuff out may not be the best idea to bypass that message. It allows the customer to click the payment method button and proceed with missing data or not accepted rules, This can cause in effect even more confusion and make the customer resign. It would be much better to display the payment methods, but with disabled links, that when clicked will make the customer stay on the checkout page and remind him of the remaining errors. I am working on a small module doing just that, many people complain about this feature causing client's confusion.
  12. Raczej chodziło o to, żeby klient dostawał maila po rejestracji, bo to jest, jak również możliwość wysyłania rabatu. Co do wysyłki - Eolia newsletter jest darmowy i działa ładnie.
  13. A czy w konfiguracji modułu blok newslettera jest włączone przesyłanie do klienta? Musisz też pamiętać o tym, że ten newsletter może wysłać potwierdzenie i rabat, ale nie ma funkcjonalności wysyłania faktycznego newslettera, do tego potrzebne są inne moduły :-)
  14. Warto by było chociażby zobaczyć sklep :-)
  15. Hi, this is not the correct way to approach this. The crossselling module is for displaying cross-sells on the product's information page, not on the add to cart popup. The add to cart popup is generated in the blockcart module. The module has its own crossselling template and adds the crosssels in a different way than the crossselling module. So you would need to replace those crosssells in the blockcart module with accessories. And then, of course, change the 'also bought' translation. I am currently working on a module replacing those crosssells with accessories, if you're interested in purchasing such a simple module, let me know.
  16. Hello, I've got the same problem, have you found the solution?
  17. Hard to tell, maybe the slider includes some js scripts that are in conflict with some other js scripts.
  18. This looks like some error in the slider, maybe you have some slider installed that messes up the js?
  19. Hi! This is a very simple module based on the jQuery CookieBar plugin. The goal was to make it as simple and convenient as possible, so you can set up the message's position (top or bottom), whether to display link to privacy policy page and select the cms page with the policy rules. The messages displayed are configured through the module's translation system (why reinvent the wheel?). The message hooks to the <div id="page"> so it should be compatible with most of the templates. If anyone would need some more options (with regard to the CookieBar plugin), let me know and I will consider extending. gmcookie.zip
  20. As I see it, there is no chance to remind that in he validation email, because the password is encoded in the database.
  21. But the password is encrypted in the database. It is only known and sent to the client when he registers, not whe you validate him.
  22. Zauważyłem bardzo dziwne zachowanie przycisku "Do koszyka" gdy jest on wyłączony dla produktów z atrybutami. Na stronie kategorii działa dobrze, przycisku nie ma: http://krainamotywacji.pl/40-poduszki-dekoracyjne Na stronie wyszukiwania działa dobrze, przycisku nie ma: http://krainamotywacji.pl/szukaj?orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=poduszka%20czerwona Na stronie wyszukiwania według tagów działa źle, raz jest, raz nie ma: http://krainamotywacji.pl/szukaj?tag=poduszka+czerwona (Presta Co to może być?
  23. Then I don't know. I wrote it from the air, I would have to test it in the real code to make it work...
  24. Has anyone found a fix for this? Is it fixed in later versions?
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