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  1. You need to pass that link to the product-list.tpl: {include file="$tpl_dir./product-list.tpl" products=$new_products class='blocknewproducts tab-pane' id='blocknewproducts' active=$active_ul more_link=$link->getPageLink('new-products')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} And display it there: {if isset($more_link)} <a class="button lnk_view btn btn-default pull-right" style="margin-top: 30px;" href="{$more_link}" title=""> <span>View all</span> </a> {/if}
  2. There probably is a minimum and maximum number of letters, so I would try to generate combinations for each product. And then for the product page write an additional script that would hide the number of letters selectors. Typing the letters would then select them automatically. I don't know hot it would behave when the user saves the customisation, that would need to be checked.
  3. Many shop owners don't like the default random string order reference, but changing it to order ID reveals the number of orders to customers. This module changes the order reference tu numeric and let's you choose between a random number and order ID, you can also add custom prefix and choose to have leading zeros. Module works for Prestashop 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 I am sharing this module for free on my most common improvements subscription list on http://greenmousestudio.com/ or below. gmnumeric.zip Update 16.08.2016 gmnumeric_v_1_2_0.zip A few notes in case this module does not work for you and you need to uninstall it: - this module overrides generateReference() function from the Order class, sometimes (I don't know why) Prestashop leaves the overriden files after uninstall, so check the "overrides/classes/Order.php" and remove the generateReference() function or delete the whole file if there is nothing else in it.
  4. You need to connect to your FTP host (with FileZilla client for example). https://filezilla-project.org/
  5. .cat-title { font: 600 18px/22px "Open Sans",sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; color: #484848; display: block; padding: 17px 20px; border-bottom: 3px solid #E9E9E9; background: #F6F6F6 none repeat scroll 0% 0%; position: relative; z-index: 9; } http://www.gameigloo.com/themes/default-bootstrap/css/modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css
  6. You have all the caching enabled, so I can't tell in which file you'll find this rule. Disable the CSS cache and I will be able to tell you more.
  7. A gdyby dodać taką regułę w css-ach: #categories_block_left ul li.active ul { display: none!important; }
  8. In the css. .sf-menu > li > ul > li { float: left; width: 20%; padding-right: 15px; } Delete the float and width. .sf-menu > li > ul { padding: 26px 30px 31px; width: 100%; -webkit-column-count: 5; -moz-column-count: 5; column-count: 5; } Add the column count rules. This is not a perfect solution, sometimes an item will start at the bottom and continue in the next column, but test it and see for yourself.
  9. Przy odrobinie dodatkowego kodowania powinno być to możliwe. Trzeba by na przykład przełączać sklep w tryb katalogu o określonej godzinie zamknięcia lokalu i włączać z powrotem jak będzie znów czynny. Widziałem też moduł uzależniający koszt dostawy od odległości, pewnie można by go użyć do ograniczenia terenu dostawy do określonego promienia wokół centrali.
  10. The thing here is that the menu elements are floated to the left and set to 20% width to make them go from left to right in rows. But when one item is higher than another the floating looks like it does now. You could remove the float and set column count for the menu, which would remove the gaps, but the items would be aligned in columns, top to bottom, like this:
  11. Samo wyświetlanie modułu, który już jest w sklepie można ograniczyć wchodząc w moduły - pozycje, znajdując moduł w odpowiednim zaczepie na liście -> Edytuj i tam mamy możliwość ustawienia wyjątków, czyli podania stron, na których moduł ma się nie wyświetlać. W ten sposób można ustawić aby jakiś moduł pojawiał się tylko np. w obszarze CMS.
  12. Jedyna opcja to napisanie modułu, który by to robił, sprawdzał czy jesteśmy na stronie CMS, sprawdzał jaka to strona i z jakiej kategorii i dla tej kategorii wyświetlał menu.
  13. Yes, the user can add multiple discount codes, you need to experiment with the settings a bit to set it up.
  14. Modules for shipping are only used if you require some integration, like sending data to the carrier, printing waybills etc. In other cases you just create a new carrier, set up prices, limits and it should work. Take a look at the docs: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Managing+Shipping
  15. This module displays the "Spend another X to get free shipping for your order" message in the cart just below the product's list, updates the value while adding / substracting product quantity. (demo) You can also set up your own free shipping amount in case you are not using the global prestashop setting (but for example have it set up in carriers) For prestashop 1.5 & 1.6: gmgetfreeshipping.zip For prestashop 1.7: gmgetfreeshipping_17.zip (the module uses widget functionality so you can attach it to any hook, or insert {widget name='gmgetfreeshipping'} code anywhere in your template)
  16. I've just created a new topic with my module doing exactly this: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/494147-free-module-spend-x-to-get-free-shipping/
  17. Maybe you've unhooked it? Try to reset the blockcart module.
  18. Moduł jakiś trzeba by napisać na coś takiego, jak rozumiem chodzi o kod rabatowy, a nie o zmianę ceny produktu.
  19. Proszę bardzo :-) Most of the store owners these days switch to one page checkout (demo), but I think that the theme should handle it correctly. As for the font - you will need to do something with it for sure, to have it in other languages.
  20. Powinno to być w pliku order-confirmation.tpl. Co do kroków to jest wybór 5 lub jedna strona, inne opcje to już tylko drogie moduły.
  21. I think this functionality is a remainder of the days when there were no one page checkout, but the users had to click trough all the steps. Then those steps got combined into one, but some logic remained. I've developed a simple module for showing the payment methods - Show Payment Methods
  22. You can go and edit the contents of the contact-form.tpl file or use the CMS On Contact Page module .
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