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  1. Z tego co widzę to jest to według liczby sprzedanych produktów z tabeli product_sale.
  2. No, it must be in your current theme - specialdev206-bootstrap http://www.mr2bitz.co.uk/prestashop/themes/specialdev206-bootstrap/css/global.css
  3. Of course, but it's a lot easier when looking at the live site, I can change the CSS a bit and see the effect. In global.css, starting at line 6815, the rule for .footer-container #footer #block_contact_infos > div ul li i. Try to change line-height from 24px to 23px. One pixel should do the job.
  4. 1) Give us a link to the site. 2) Localization -> Translations -> Installed modules translation + your theme + your language -> Expand all -> Module blockcontactinfos
  5. Hello, you need to have the "Free shipping starts at" configured in Shipping -> Preferences and that should be all, the module does not have any settings, you may only need to translate it to your language.
  6. Może to (nie instalowałem): https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/453242-free-module-shopi-multiple-tabs-in-product-page-module/
  7. You're right, there is a reference to this image in your code: http://redlinemusicgear.com/img/p/en-default-large_default.jpg Replace the file and try to scrape again.
  8. Maybe it is cached by Facebook. Try this: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ and fetch new scrape info.
  9. If you uploaded back your files then it should display your content, maybe it's taking it from cache or something.
  10. I've sent you my files as a reference, not to put them on your shop. Just look in what place the code is and compare.
  11. Edit: Wrong answer, you want to edit it, I thought that you want to turn it off.
  12. To jest nowy moduł bazujący na nowej architekturze Presty, więc mogą w niej być jeszcze jakieś błędy.
  13. Hard to tell, but it's great that it works. I have only the Apache optimization enabled, moving js to the end may also cause problems, sometimes the order of scripts is important.
  14. But by removing the module and simply inserting the code in the footer, you won't have the advanced e-commerce tracking. Do you maybe have some CCC options enabled? They can mess up the JS. If yes disable them and give the module one more chance.
  15. I also see the code. Have you tried to install the Tag Assistant for Google Chrome? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tag-assistant-by-google/kejbdjndbnbjgmefkgdddjlbokphdefk It helps troubleshoot the problems with Analytics and other google codes.
  16. Wygląda mi to na efekt włączonego modułu zaawansowanej zgodności UE.
  17. Update: If you want this module to work for the advanced EU shopping cart, you need to add <div id="HOOK_SHOPPING_CART">{$HOOK_SHOPPING_CART}</div> code in the shopping-cart-advanced.tpl just after the: </div> <!-- end order-detail-content -->
  18. Lokalizacja - domyślny język.
  19. The button is not beeing duplicated, the tabs are one under each other in the code, so when new products disappear, the button remains. Looks like it's still in the wrong place, it should be before the </ul> closing tag, maybe you've inserted it after it?
  20. So I don't know without looking at the code, can you at least share a lnk to the site?
  21. I did it for one store exactly this way and the button was not duplicated, if the code setting the button is only on the new products tab, the other tabs should not display it. My {if isset($more_link)} code is on line 231 of the product-list.tpl, just after the {/foreach}.
  22. The other way around, the first one is a mod to blocknewproducts_home.tpl, the second one you need to add somewhere in the product-list.tpl.
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