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  1. Hi I have tried with the last two versions of 1.5 and it fails with a server error. I am now trying the version that the OP specified as a preference. Do we really overwrite the config folder though?
  2. Hi there Did you manage to succeed with the script for customers, and possibly orders? Having tried to upgrade, the best I can do is to get to, any movement to 1.5.3 breaks the image display and accessories. I figure that a completely fresh installation will work, but I don't want to affect existing customer logins and their previous order information. Thanks
  3. I have now tried to delete the product and manually recreate it. Same problem exists with the information being behind the image. Doesn't anyone have any ideas?
  4. I just noticed - When I go into the Images section of any product, it doesn't list any existing images. Although, as you can see from the screenshot, images are displayed for products. I am not sure if this has any relevance
  5. I have just performed the manual upgrade to from on my test server - Everything has gone well, except for a couple of things. The main issue is the product page. The product info is half-hidden behind the image (see first attachment). I have regenerated all of the thumbnails, and it hasn't helped. It is probably something simple that I am overlooking. Incidentally, this is using the default theme, but with the white replaced with green for background colours. Finally, if someone could help point me in the direction of what sections in the CSS to amend, so that I can get the grey boxes (like I had in, see second attachment) and the ability to have the links across the footer, I would be very grateful. Many thanks in advance Screenshot Screenshot
  6. Thanks, that looks great - but I can't use it as I it won't be me doing the admin for the shop, so I would need something that can be done in the Admin GUI and that doesn't involve editing files to produce the document Many thanks
  7. Hi all Is there a way that I can specify a discount if the customer also buys another specified product? So Product 1 is priced at 50 Product 2 is priced at 50 If you buy both product 1 and 2 then the total price is 85 (or each one is reduced by 7.50). Thanks
  8. That's great. Thank you very much for your help..much appreciated
  9. Hi there Is it possible to specify my own alt text for the image uploaded under the start page editor? I want to use it to give a photo credit if possible so would need to specify my own text completely. Many thanks http://www.buerstenhaus.de
  10. Found it... in blockviewed.tpl I needed to set the truncate value for the title to 15 characters. Some of the product names are very long without spaces...so it was dropping them down onto the row below the pictures..
  11. Hi all I have installed with the standard Prestashop theme (Just the colour modified). I have the recently viewed block configured to show 2 products (which I think is default). The problem is that the block doesn't appear to size and format properly. Text drops below the box and the text for the first product ends up where the 2nd product text should be. I have tried this in Chrome, FF3.6, IE 8 and Opera 10.5 and it seems to happen every time in FF/Opera and after a while of browsing the site in Chrome and IE. http://buersten.wolflan.com Has anyone seen this before? Would you have an idea how to fix the behaviour? Many thanks
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