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  1. hello i want a online payment module in which i just set the "merchant id". is there any module for this?
  2. hi i used this but it dosent work for me. Strange beacause i use it recently and i change nothing to put directly on the site, i just configure the module tu check the good box. Did you used the last stable version of prestashop (1.2.5) or another version ? no im using presta 1.3 beta. but now i reinstalled ver.1.5 and it works fine. i think there was a problem in uploading in previous. thanks.
  3. This site is not a Prestashop site. It is a cs-cart site. I used to have a cs-cart site. It is a paid script that cost U.S$250. so... but i saw in one shop base up on presta this module.
  4. hi i used this but it dosent work for me.
  5. thanks but this wasnt that i want. i want the same in address above i given in which when mouse over the categorie, sub categories open automaticaly not by clicking.
  6. hello all i want this module for "categories" but dont know what is the name. like this site: http://www.glasswaredreams.com/ (a module for showing subcategories)
  7. hello there is a theme for presta that have a blog and personal website with it self. you can use it. i don't think that you can use presta and wordpress in the same time on one server. here is the theme: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/27311/themes/theme_new_free_wallcraft_template__pluxml_blog download page: http://dgcraft.free.fr/blog/index.php/prestashop-themes/theme-wall-craft-prestashop/ demo: http://photosalgerie.free.fr/wallcraft/ goodluck
  8. no i said that i want each block have different image. in this way that you said all of blocks will have the same image. i don't want this.
  9. hello i want to change my block header images separately. I mean for example the "category" block has its own image and differs from "information" block and so on. (each block has its own header image). how can i do this please tell me what rules or files must be changed? thank you so much
  10. hello also you can use "wiznav" module and instead of "bookmark" tab you can put your blog address.
  11. hello thank you very much. but how can i change the header and background? and i saw in that webs some modules. what are theme? and the last: i want a module for payments that my self set it up to which bank must connect. is there any module for this purpose? thank you so many
  12. hello this works for me too. thanks a lot very nice module. :-)
  13. hello everybody im new in this forum also in prestashope i have installed v 1.3 but i cant create my desired shop because im beginner and don't now what must i do. i want to have a toy shop for childrens and like to have visual effects on my site like this: http://www.oursoncalin.com/ first: can i do this with default theme of presta or must have special theme? second: which modules must i have for this reason? third: please give me the "hook" Shem for modules. forth: how can change the background of the theme i mean to be like this one: http://holenderskiskun.pl/ fifth: how can i change my header and to be like this: http://www.twojepupile.pl/ thanks a lot
  14. This download link does not work, can anyone re post the download files for me please? hello me too cant download this module please someone help.
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