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  1. hello i dont get white screen but i had checked my host error log and there where many errors all the same as when i checked my site by fire bug error console: the address of my product images are pointing to some where else than uploaded image. something like this: File does not exist: /home/.....com/domains/.....com/public_html/img/p/10-33-home.jpg i have checked this folder and there was no image like question mark also know that my product images are in different folder. so now what?
  2. Hello i had mentioned that do regenerated thumbs but dos not worked. and: where is legacy file system? i have not move images option in my image settings.
  3. Hello I have presta in persian. I have a customized theme with its own modules and personalized image sizes. I have installed presta just new and didn't changed any of default settings. My friendly url is disable as default. I didn't generate robot.txt My shop is inactive for now. My questions: 1- when i add product, some times i get these errors: "3 errors This link_rewrite field is required at least in پارسی(Persian) Products must be in at least one category. This product must be in the default category." as i mentioned above my friendly url is not active, also i fill all boxes in seo tab and rewrite url box with English translation but still get the first error. my product is in its own category and have its default category. i dont understand why these errors happens. 2- I have big problem with my images: My theme has a documentation for installing and setting images and modules. I do the written settings but my pictures are not shown in my shop, instead of theme showing question mark. both in home page and product page. i have the update of my theme and installed new one on my presta and images are shown but because im using Persian language i had to ask some professional persons in persta shop for changing theme so that it become compatible with persian language { i have to use right to left direction and left to right is not so beautiful for this language}. Indeed i had payed for this job and they had done the work with older version of my theme (because the update of theme received to me late after i had give my theme for customizing) so if i want to use newer version of my theme i must repay for customizing it and this is not so happily for me! + i have to mention that this theme on the prestashop that developers have worked on it for converting to persian language compatibility, is working true and dosnt have any errors for images!!!! i want to know why this happens i mean why my images are not shown? if this is theme bug, so why it dosnt appear on another presta? and if this refers to presta what must i do? additional infos: i have this reports on my home page BO: URL rewriting Browser cache & compression Smarty optimization Combine, Compress & Cache Shop enabled i have regenerated thumbs after do changes in my image sizes and had cleaned my presta cash but nothing happened. thank you for your attention.
  4. hello nice job! installed and worked correctly on presta 1.5.4. My question: is there any way to set images in a horizontal row in home position?
  5. Hello I want to know how can i have banner block (or selected categories) beside nivo slider in home page; like this site: http://www.sweetisabelle.com/en/ is there any special module for this or it refers to template customization? thank you all
  6. Ok i had emailed to my provider and they solved the problem. i installed presta with no problems. thank you for your guidance.
  7. i have removed .htaccess file (in x.com/public_html directory) nothing happens.
  8. Hello presta team I have a host that now there is a "wordpress" site running on it. My host is 500 MG and i have used about 320 MG of it for my site. I want to install prestashop 1.5.4 on this host beside my current website. I created an addon domain on my site ie: now i have two domains; "x.com" and "y.com" each one has its own directory on "domains" folder. I have downloaded presta, unzipped it on my system and uploaded it to "y.com" folder. (my first site files are in x.com folder) when i type y.com in my address bar nothing happen and i just have a gray page. I turned my "firebug" and got this error after refreshing: "NetworkError: 403 Forbidden - http://www.google.com/ads/search/module/ads/1.0/c0c1572ecfc47420b1e568325ad98d36d91d0dbb/n/domains.js"domains.jsReferenceError: google is not defined Previously i had installed older versions of presta as a subdomain site on my x.com domain and it was installed successfully. My host has the essential featuers for installing presta: php version: 5.3.26 mysql: 5.1.68-cll-lve GD Library: bundled (2.1.0 compatible) where is the problem? do i need add some codes to specific file\s? or what? thank you for your responding.
  9. hello i have the same problem with the position. i do what you Sade but i didn't understand what must i do to move the button to top of "sent to friend" ? could you please explain me? and how can i show it in the main page of shop? thank you very much.
  10. is this module working withe ps 1.2.5?
  11. hello it doesn't allow me to delete tables. i have tried this before but it didn't work.
  12. Hello Im trying to upgrade my shop from to of cource now i am testing in a free host to see how is working. i upgraded my test shop to 1.3 but when i want to restore my back up from my original shop i got this error (doing restor with phpmyadmin): Error SQL query: /* Scheme for table ps_access */ CREATE TABLE `ps_access` ( `id_profile` int( 10 ) unsigned NOT NULL , `id_tab` int( 10 ) unsigned NOT NULL , `view` int( 11 ) NOT NULL , `add` int( 11 ) NOT NULL , `edit` int( 11 ) NOT NULL , `delete` int( 11 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `id_profile` , `id_tab` ) ) ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = utf8; MySQL said: Documentation #1050 - Table 'ps_access' already exists I want to know: is it important that when we want to restore a back up the domain name and database name be the same in both before and after upgrading? what cause the error above and how can i solve it?
  13. Hello I want a module that can automatically sending email for subscribers about new products that added to shop newly . is there such a module?
  14. hello nice job i installed this module but it appears like the image that i have uploaded here. my shop have two languages: English and Persian i typed my news in Persian and this problem has occurred. what must i do?
  15. hello i have a blog and a shop in my domain and i want to show my blog new posts in my shop. i have searched for a module that i can wright in it a few information about my new posts in my blog. the only thing that i want is a block with some lines of news so that the customer just click on the news and then connect to my desired blog post not to open a page in my shop.
  16. hello i saw before in a shop based on presta that in the footer of site there was :“X visitors online” how can i do this?
  17. i use presta 1.2.5. my site uses two languages. in English every thing is ok (for tags) but in my second Lang. no. why? do you know the answer of my first question?
  18. hello i saw before in a shop based on presta that in the footer of site there was :"X visitors online" how can i do this? another question: in "tags" block when i clicking on any tags it shows "nothing where found" but that product is in the shop. why?
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