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  1. hi i had installed the module Great button. thanks and: when do you resales telegram integration?
  2. i dont have this path. im using presta 1.6
  3. hello i use presta 1.6: www.manahonar.com currently my logo is in the right side. i want to change the position to center. which css i must edit ?
  4. what do you mea "from where"? this is a button that links to a cms page.
  5. hello thanks for sharing, i have installed on ps 1.6 works sharm. is it possible to add telegram chat to this module?
  6. hello i have a customized icon in my product page. i want to this button have an icon like my cart button. how can i do that? here is my site: i want to define icon for the orange button. i have a image for my icon so want to use my icon image. im not expert in programing so please give me the exact code and the place. thanks
  7. no body can help me please? whats the fontawsome code for telegram? is it "telegram" or "fab fa-telegram"? i had put both but still have a blank sqare
  8. hello very nice and friendly module. 1-when i click on the icons it just opens a link of my product in new tab, not guiding to any of social medias page, why? 2-i want it to be in the right side of my site, is it possible? 3-and can i add telegram link to it? thanks
  9. hello i have problem with uploading my picture in the chart. the original picture of the module named "model.jpg" dose not have problem and is showing but when i replace my picture in the "modules/sizeschart" directory, it turns to ? sign photo. why? where should i upload my picture? and i want to change the font of the table, how can i do it? thanks
  10. so what dose this code do? can you show me this code applied live in presta please?
  11. Hello as is clear in topic i want to activate free shipping for both certain price and certain weight of my products. let me more describe: i have a product that can be transfered both in my town and in other towns. it has "X" price and "Y" weight. i want to shipping for customers that are living in my town for "X" price be free, but for customers in another city for the same product with "Y" weight not to be free. Ok now my presta is calculating shipping base on the weight of products. So the customer in my city also must pay for shipping and this is while i had say that the shipping is free. what can i do for solving this?
  12. !!! this is not the complete image. i want it in full view. i mean the original photo that i have uploaded not a part of it.
  13. Hello I have a little problem with showing my product images. I have activated "JqZoom" for showing images. everything is all right with this option. But when i click on the image to show it with "Thickbox" the original image is not shown truly and only a little box with some corners of my image is showing. How can i fix this? i want to that when click on the image, thickbox shows the original image that i have uploaded. thanks.
  14. Yeh! that was what exactly i want. fully solved my problem. thank you so much Vekia.
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