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  1. I don't really know if you still support this nice module. Thanks anyway you made it free. Until now I couldn't solve my problem. When I filter my list using "Layered Navigation Block" from PS, the module "Home Featured Zoom" is not working and also the filtered list of products is not properly displayed. I don't really know what could be the problem and as shacker suggested before, I don't know how to make changes in a blocklayered.js :-( If maybe somebody could help me on this issue, I would be more than thankful. I observed that when I use LayeredNavigation in my site a hash "#" is added to the URL and in this moment the module HomeFeaturedZoom doesn't work any more. Some tips? Please.
  2. Hi, First of all, thanks for this module. I already use it and works perfectly. But I have a question: How can I use this module in any of my CMS pages? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi! Could you login in? Did you find the problem? Thanks.
  4. Hi shacker, can you help me please with this topic? Thanks in advence.
  5. Accoding to your answer. When do you think this module will work with PS 1.4.9
  6. I ordered it in addons.prestashop.com, and there there isn't a contact formular. And in your website bvkyazilim.com, you wrote "Use order history for product support. Support emails trough this form will be ignored.", and as I don't have any order in your website, there is not the possibility to get support !! Please tell me then how can I get then support. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I bought your module, I have PS 1.4.9. Is it compatible with this version? Will you support it after PS 1.5? I already have the lines in the .htaccess as you wrote, but when I click in some links there is an error. Why?
  8. Sorry but I don't know where to do the changes. Because the code you supplied is a .tpl but this file is a .js :-/ Could you help me please? Muchas gracias. blocklayered.js.txt
  9. Great module, thankyou! I have a problem, could you help me please? When I open a category, everything goes well. The list and the zoom work perfect. BUT when in the category I try to sort or to use the block layered navigation module (filter), the result "product-list" does not show neither the zoom nor the products are well displayed. I attached some images that shows the problem and also my product-list.tpl file. Maybe I made a mistake including the line <a href... Thanks in advance. product-list.tpl.txt
  10. Hi, I have the same problem as posted here in the next link http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/63991/third_party_modules/solved_jquery_thickbox_under_customer_login_not_working/ but unfortunatelly, the solution was not posted. I installed Matrice Theme + confirmPrivacy Module. I would appreciate any help. thanks
  11. Hi FoV, I have the same problem as you had. It would be nice if you post the solution you found. Thanks.
  12. Wow you are a Master razaro, thank you very much!! Summarily the razaro solution. Uninstall the module separateTAX in the BackEnd, add the tags as advised before, install once again the module ... and voila ... it changes his corresponding file in the Matrice Theme and WORKS :-)
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