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  1. Nanti dalam Front Officenya apa tinggal install dalam module ya?
  2. Iya benar tekan klik...klik....klik hhehehehehehe
  3. Looks great.. but unfourtenally for PS 1.4 because i used PS 1.3.6 did compatible? If yes please gave me demo website......... thx
  4. ini yg ane cari om... thx alot Thx mas, ada skalian utk harga dari kantor pos terbaru ya???
  5. Is this available for PS Version By the way another language can accept this right?
  6. dear friend, where i can get this booking module? very nice.. can you help?
  7. Hello dear, it seem we do have same project.. but for real time confirmation its difficult, could be prepaid sistem with instant payment confirmation. lets chat, maybe i can help for a little coz my web hotel still on producing...
  8. perhaps you do have free module for booking hotel.....
  9. dear kennyh, please help me using this date picker on product.tpl for v I have plae on root folder site.com/home [in here] but it seem i dont see any change.... i need put on product.tpl
  10. i used 1.3.1 but it seem not update with solditem... where i can see the icon.. can u gave me little help instruction
  11. Hi, i have donlot and seem dont any change...i used v 1.3.1 can u gave an litle tutor how i can modify an order incoming... it mean before payment or after payment receive
  12. Product.tpl move meaning of original product.tpl rename.. or deleted?
  13. Hi friends, I have test order using voucher code creation from BO and succes payment accepted but i have problem how to put money back inside my account member area. Sample: You Pay for $35 And put the voucher value $40 ------------ $ 5 I dont see $5 balance inside member area. Did you have solution for me.. maybe good for other developer presta. Thank you before.
  14. Cara hapus Order: open ….admin/tabs/AdminOrders.php $this->table = 'order'; $this->className = 'Order'; $this->view = 'noActionColumn'; $this->colorOnBackground = true; $this->delete = false; GANTI MENJADI: open ….admin/tabs/AdminOrders.php $this->table = 'order'; $this->className = 'Order'; $this->view = 'noActionColumn'; $this->colorOnBackground = true; $this->delete = true; Tambahan aja sich.................smoga membantu.
  15. Dear My Friend, I have download all like your instruction, but i still confuse for the right thing..... Can you help with the right instruction from the beggining......
  16. For 1.3.1 version need small update file order_edit_data.php. Need add yet one field into sql query. <- Can you gave me code.. its very confused.
  17. Nice Module... accountpayment/validation.php <--- can u put instruction to read
  18. Halo Gan! Share dong kemari gimana caranya menambah 2 spesifikasi produk, contoh disini saya jual bedcover. Bedcover itu ada 3 macam: > Sprei saja > Bedcover Saja > Bedcover Set Ukuran Tempat Tidur 100 X 200 :SINGLE 120 X 200 :XTRA SINGLE 160 X 200 :QUEEN 180 X 200 :KING 200 X 200 :XTRA KING Jadi misal Saya menampilkan begini: > Sprei : tidak > Bedcover : 100x200 > Bedcover Set : tidak Maka pembeli tersebut membeli bedcover ukuran 100x200 sehingga sprei ataupun bedcover set tidak terbeli. Mohon bantuannya ya... sharing2 gitu...........
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