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  1. I am using Prestashop with the USPS 1.3.2 module that it comes with. When adding multiple of a product to the cart of a specified dimension (entered in Catalog/Products/Item) that exceed the specified dimension box set under Shipping/Carriers/USPS Shipping Method, it still shows as shipping option when getting a shipping quote. What I would like it to do is not show USPS as an option after product(s) exceed the size box i use for USPS. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Updated to Module PayPal USA, Canada & Mexico v1.2.7 with no change.
  3. I tried changing the different types of payment methods within the module in hopes that it would rewrite the options and fix the issue. Also made sure I had information in the contact info Last but not least changed some code in classes/hooks.php Unfortunately none of these attempts worked. Its odd that I can not replicate the issue. If i only have a few items in the car, all is well. If i have around 10 DIFFERENT items is when i seem to have the issue. If its 10 of the same item, there is no problem. Ive added various items to see if they were item specific and came to the conclusion that its not. Any ideas on why it works perfectly with only a few items EVERY time however when I add around 10 give or take (not the same each time) is when i receive "No payment modules have been installed." Much appreciated in advance :-)
  4. Unfortunatly this fix did not work for me Running Prestashop 1.5.6 with Paypal USA, Canada, & Mexico 1.2.6
  5. I attempted this by uninstalling the Paypal USA, Canada, Mexico module and re-installing and entering the Paypal information in again without success :-(
  6. Prestashop 1.5.5 did NOT fix the issue. Anyone able to chip in with advice or suggestions on what is causing the issue and/or how to resolve it? Much appreciated.
  7. Scrap that. It did NOT fix the issue. :-( Howerever it is still an updated version on http://addons.prestashop.com
  8. I found the fix. Its actually very easy. Go to http://addons.prestashop.com search for the Paypal USA Module. You will have to create an addon account if you have not already. I downloaded it and verified the versions. Look in the module folder of what you have installed and view paypalusa.php. The latest version is 1.2.5. The version on my server was 1.2.0. I created a backup just in case of my existing module and installed the new on one the addon.prestashop.com site and all is good. YAY, such a relief. I hope this helps for you Irichil. Let me know if you have any questions. Greg P.S. Not sure why prestashop backend didnt notify me that there is an update.
  9. I figured it out by contacting the creator of the theme. They pull the font from a different website source which had a link in http format. They changed the link by calling the the location using https at all times which makes the font be able to pull from the outside source while people are on my site using https. Thank You JayLab to figuring out the reason for my issue :-)
  10. Unfortunately I do not know what you are asking. Do you mean the look and feel? It was a template which was purchased.
  11. My top horizontal menu and ALL other blocks displays the correct font when shopping my store. However when people click on the Login, Your Account, Contact/Contact Us, and the Checkout Page(s) the font changes. Does anyone know why this is and what would be a way of fixing it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Greg Website: http://www.santancandles.com Prestashop Version:
  12. Irichil, do you happen to know if it is related to the module or prestashop itself?
  13. I have an issue with my site where it will not always show the payment module. I can not figure the logic in it. It does not seem to be tied down to a price, specific product, or weight. If i pick certain products and add them to the cart, i may or may not have the shipping module shown. In my case i am using Paypal USA, Canada as my module. If i add all of one or most of a category it will display "No payment modules have been installed" If i delete a few from the cart it will finally show the payment method. this is true for all items & categories. If i select 15 of one item and add to the cart, it works fine. Website: http://www.santancandles.com Using Prestashop Any help is welcomed. :-)
  14. The issue unfortunately is not ajax or the animation, it has to do with the FedEx module. Every time an item is added to the cart or removed there is a delay of 20-30 seconds before its added or removed from the cart. If i disable the FedEx module, everything runs at normal operational speed.
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