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  1. where in cpanel can i find this? i will try to make some edit on that part to solve the problem.In a mean time ,i disable the HORIZONTAL MENU in module to get rid of the dis alignment
  2. my new website show the same problem in bankwire,then i reset the module,and it show up
  3. thank you brother for your reply,i really appreciate it but vekia is right about the solution of my problem,and it is already solve now. thank you for this information.It solved my problem.Keep it up brother
  4. Hello.Can somebody help me show where to edit the status of the automated result of AWAITING FOR BANKWIRE PAYMENT whenever the customer confirmed the order through bankwire?I want to change it to other status.Please spare me with the answer of manually changing it in the admin page ,what i want is to automatically give the result. Thank you for whoever will help
  5. i will mark this one as solved...and with all the editing i made,i really dont know how to explain how i did it ,anyway it is solved
  6. I got it from here and edited it.I try to use this one without my edition and it brings a blank code too.I think the problem is in this original code that i downloaded and not on the editing that i made bankwire2_3.zip
  7. hello ...i already open the debugging as you instructed and i get this error note..I am not a programer ,so i dont understand it .Can you please tell me what to do with it? Catchable fatal error: Argument 4 passed to ToolsCore::displayPrice() must be an instance of Context, boolean given, called in /home/pinoybus/public_html/modules/bankwire3/bankwire3.php on line 211 and defined in /home/pinoybus/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 451 and i would like to ask too if there is a way to open a script where there is a LINE INDICATION ,that i may pinpoint right away the line 451 and line 211?
  8. ok vekia,ill try that and post the result ...thank you
  9. hi..I tried to clone and edit the bank wire module to be customized.I successfully did it except for the last page after we clicked the PLACE ORDER .The cloned give a BLANK PAGE.I tried to study the outcome and i notice the difference in the url of the legit bank wire module to the one i cloned... The cloned has a QUESTION MARK ( ? ) ,while in the legit it is written as the symbol of "and" ( & ) HERE IS THE CLONE----http://mypinoybusiness.info/index.php?controller=order-confirmation?id_cart= HERE IS THE LEGIT------http://mypinoybusiness.info/index.php?controller=order- confirmation&id_cart= The url i gave were the result url of the last page i mentioned above.
  10. Hi,I am trying to copy the data base of my products and all that goes with them in another domain.My purpose of this is to avoid the tiresome effort to upload again the same products and its description in another domain.But so far i am failing because i do not know which part of the data base should i import and which should not?I try to transfer the whole data base in the new domain and i end up redirection of the url to the old domain.Can somebody help me with this issue? I even try to import all those file in the data base that start with PS_PRODUCT ,but still can,t get through with it
  11. i already deleted my first store and reinstall a new one hoping to fix the problem,but it persists.I activated now the website with the same error http://mypinoybusiness.info
  12. hello,can anyone help me here? i already reinstall the whole website ,and still i get this error
  13. Can somebody help me fix this bug?The floating menu bar in my website http://mypinoybusiness.info is not alligned.Here is the image
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