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  1. Hey, @NOSaint. The CSS will go into your theme's CSS file. It's tough to know where that will be as it will be different for everybody. You can check under /themes/[themename]/css. There should be a file named [themename].css in there. That will be the file that governs the base styling for most of your site. You would insert your new CSS code anywhere in there (preferably in a logical place you can find later because CSS files can be pretty big). Back inside the CMS.tpl, you can invoke styles using classes. For example, if you look way up top on this page in the code I posted there, you'll see this line: <ul class="cms-list"> That means that for the <ul> tag, I want to use the "cms-list" class that's in the CSS file, which has the following properties in the CSS file: .cms-list { font-size:16pt; line-height:2; margin-left:125px; list-style: none; } That way, you don't have to modify the CMS.tpl file very much. You use the existing code, and just refer to the styles you want by calling the class. Does that make sense? Of course it's possible to put inline CSS right inside CMS.tpl but then you'd have to do it everytime you wanted to use it again.
  2. Hey, thanks very much, @NOSaint! Yah the links are there by default. When you create any subfolders in the main CMS directory, Prestashop automatically creates a category page for them. Normally that page is kind of ugly. It's just a bulleted list of page headings left aligned to the <div> that it's in. Once I found where the page was called from ($theme_dir/cms.tpl, thanks to @vekia above), styling the list was pretty simple...just a matter of creating a CSS class for the <ul> and <li> items and adding some style parameters in the theme's CSS file. It's still just a bulleted list, just a bit nicer than the default. The CSS code I used is below. Nothing groundbreaking or anything. LOL /* CMS Categories */ .cms-category-image { width:350px; height:500px; float:right; margin-right:110px; padding-bottom:50px; text-align:center; } .cms-header { display:none; } .cms-list { font-size:16pt; line-height:2; margin-left:125px; list-style: none; } .cms-list li:before { content: "\00BB \0020"; } .cms-bullet a, .cms-bullet a:visited { color:#5B5C5E; font-family:Oswald; } .cms-bullet a:hover { text-decoration:underline; color:#0170AC; }
  3. Hey there, @NOSaint! I assume you mean one specific CMS category page and not another, right? (For individual CMS article pages, you can just edit the article itself). For the category pages, I was a bit sneaky, at least in getting the images in there. I created a series of images that I wanted to include and named them the actual category name. So, for the "Sing" CMS category, i created a "cms-sing.jpg". for the "Learn" CMS category, I created a "cms-learn.jpg". And so on. Then, in the cms.tpl file, I invoked the image with this code: <img src="{$base_dir}/images/cms-{strtolower($category->name)}.jpg"> That way, the right image will appear on the right category page every time. If you want to get more specific than just images, and want to have content be different, you could do an {if}...{/if} statement involving $category->name. That would open up more possibilities in terms of what you could display. Hope that helps! :-)
  4. Yeah thanks for that @touchdez. I poked around a bit after I posted this and saw that I'm not alone. This is a serious Prestashop instability I would say. We have to be able to rely on the integrity of those file pointers. Having them vanish for no explainable reason is very, very bad. I found this guy's fix which I installed. I don't really detect any interface changes but hopefully it works. The page is in French but Google Translate does a decent enough job of giving the gist. http://blog.manit4c....prestashop-1-5/ I also took the advice of the commenters and wrote the following SQL query I can use to keep an eye on the files. It was good because as soon as I ran it, I found a couple other missing files as well that I never would have caught otherwise. I've got over 200 products and I'd never find the gaps without it. SELECT p.id_product, p.reference, p.uploadable_files, pd.id_product, pd.id_product_download, pd.filename, pd.display_filename, pd.date_add, pd.nb_downloadable, pd.active, p.is_virtual, pl.name FROM wyo_product p LEFT JOIN wyo_product_lang pl ON ( p.id_product=pl.id_product) LEFT JOIN wyo_product_download pd ON ( p.id_product=pd.id_product) WHERE pl.id_lang = 1 (Replace "wyo" with whatever table prefix your host used when you installed Prestashop.)
  5. OMG I'm an idiot. The product in question didn't have an actual file attached to it under "virtual product". /facepalm I do notice sometimes the link to the files I upload don't always appear consistent. Like, I'm 99% positive I uploaded a file but then I notice later that there's no file attached. I'm not 100% sure though so for now I'm closing this with a big blush on my face.
  6. Hi there (again hehe). My Prestashop store is all done and ready and groovy. I've tested the payments live and everything's great. Except... When I initially tested payments, I only bought one of my own products. I received my invoice, confirmation and virtual product download e-mail. Those all worked fine. Being thorough, I just bought FOUR of my own products. I received my invoice, confirmation and virtual product download e-mail. HOWEVER...my invoice showed all four products I purchased, and the confirmation e-mail from PayPal showed all four products I purchased. My virtual product download e-mail only showed the first THREE products I purchased. I did not get a link to the fourth. I'm not expecting customers to come flocking to my site buying everything I offer in one fell swoop, but surely it's reasonable to assume that some customers might buy more than one thing at a time. I can't tell if this glitch is only allowing the first three products to appear in the e-mail, or if for some reason it's subtracting one item from the total for orders greater than one item (i.e., a buggy "foreach"). Regardless, the customer needs to get 100% of the products they paid for. Has anybody else encountered this? Cheers! Geoff. Store: http://cranetraxmusic.com Edit: I notice if I go into the "Order History" page, that while the same song that was missing from my Virtual Products Download e-mail appears, it doesn't have a link to be able to access the file (the rest of them do).
  7. Okay so I've been at this about 24 hours and have pretty much broken the back of this thing. I've taken a different tactic than trying to stuff a fake address into the appropriate fields during registration. Instead I chose to disable the addresses altogether. Here's what I did. 1) Following the instructions on this thread, I disabled all the countries under "Localization | Countries" in the Back Office but one (Canada, since that's where I am). I then edited the country and set it to only require first and last name. http://www.prestasho...-prestashop-15/ 2) As per instructions on the same thread, I edited the /classes/address.php file to remove param "'required' ==> true" for address fields I didn't want to capture. 3) At this point, registration threw a "Invalid token error". I solved this by following the instructions on this thread; under "Preferences | General" in the Back Office, turned off Increased Front Office Security. http://www.prestasho...-invalid-token/ 4) I then edited /$theme_dir/address.tpl and /$theme_dir/authentication.tpl, removing "class='required'" from any address input boxes I didn't want to capture data for. 5) At this point, creating a new account with the "Register" option worked fine. I could check out and get all the way to PayPal. However, if I used OPC and tried to register from the shopping cart page, I got this error: "Country cannot be loaded with address->id_country". I screwed around with this forever and finally found the source of the error in /controllers/AuthController.php and /controllers/AddressController.php. I simply commented out the exception in both files. 6) Now I could get all the way to PayPal without incident. However, now when I created an account, the order page showed me an empty address dropdown box which I didn't want. I replaced that whole section in /$theme_dir/order-address.tpl and spent about another hour styling that /$theme_dir/order-address.tpl, /$theme_dir/order-carrier.tpl and /$theme_dir/order-payment.tpl (the three templates called by /$theme_dir/order-opc.tpl). I'm still working through a couple things and haven't done a full browser compatibility check, but so far all the above seems to work. I'll post the results of my deep tests a bit later on. Hope that's helpful for folks!!! Geoff. Edit: Forgot to mention a couple things: a ) With all of these changes, the request for an address is still there. But all the fields are either hidden or disabled. I've left an "additional information" textbox there so the area doesn't look out of place and renamed the section "Optional Information" so it looks like I'm being user friendly instead of writing kluges all over the place. b ) If you want to see the results, you can visit http://cranetraxmusic.com /hugs
  8. I'm definitely struggling with this one too. I'm about where Lisa C. is at in terms of working through that hack. It seems to me this should not be this hard! LOL
  9. (\)icholas, thank you very, very much for such a considered reply!! I appreciated your comments especially because after having my nose buried so deep in this thing all week I've sort of lost sight of where I should be looking. As soon as you reminded me that 404s and 500s are server related I stopped bashing my head against the wall trying to get the error messages to show up in Prestashop! ROFL That's really interesting that after 3 years you only have 2 errors in your log...you'd sort of think there'd be a lot more in that length of time but it's good that Prestashop just kind of deals with it. The 404s in my clicky.com logs seem to be diminishing. I was still making tweaks to the site up to last night so it's possible that the 404s were left over from clicky's interpretation of wonky input from my server, and it's just now catching up. As for the 500s from Beetailer, I suspect you're right. Not to knock Beetailer, but their response to my mails was pretty hands off. "Your module is throwing 500s. Check your logs." LOL It's too bad because they looked really promising in terms of me not having to recreate my shop on Facebook if I wanted a sales vehicle there too. I didn't pay for either of these modules...both are free as long as you sign up for their service, and both services have free options so you can test stuff out. I will say I do wish more Prestashop module vendors had a "try before you buy" option so you can a) see if you like their stuff and get the chance to see first hand how solid the code is and what the support is like. But that's maybe just me and it's likely not always possible. LOL Anyway (\)icholas I appreciated the time you took to answer me! It helped put things in perspective. :-)
  10. Hi there! So, I just finished building my first Prestashop site and I'm totally pleased with it. Everything seems to be working so I just swung it into the root directory of my server (it had previously been in a subdirectory). When I cut it over, I made sure to change the path to the root under Prestashop's SEO & URL's page, and had Prestashop regenerate the .htaccess file. Then I went into my service provider and set it to use one php.ini file only just in case something went wonky. On the surface, everything looks totally fine (at least as far as I can tell). However, I installed the clicky.com module so I could watch real time logs. In those logs, many URL's show up as 404 errors, even though the pages seem to be working fine in a browser. Also I installed the Prestashop module for Beetailer so I could link my store into Facebook, and that module keeps throwing 500 errors (and doesn't work at all). My Prestashop logs are totally empty, so they're no help. I tried to force-turn them on by playing around with both /config/config.inc.php and /config/defines.inc.php [@ini_set('display_errors', 'on');] but neither edit produced log entries so I've since reset them all back. It seems a bit coincidental to me that TWO different external interfaces would be having problems. So I'm wondering if there was a step I missed when I moved the site. The address is http://cranetraxmusic.com Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers and thanks!!! *hug* Geoff.
  11. Thanks very much, @vekia! :-) @zootalaws I'm not sure if this helps but I managed to reference the CMS category in question with {$category->name} within the CMS.tpl file That's how I got my images in--I just gave the image file name the same name as the category I wanted to put it in. I don't know if it will work but it seems that if you're on a higher level within the hierarchy you might be able to loop your list of CMS categories with $subcategory.id_cms_category somehow. That's just a guess though I don't really know. "Evolving little primates"...I just love that! *hug*
  12. Hi guys! Thanks so much for the reply! I actually forgot I posted this. After much trial and error while poking around late the other night I found what I was looking for. I'm not very good at coding but I managed to make a simple category page that has some introductory text with an image. The results are here: http://cranetraxmusic.com/content/category/2-sing It's not terribly sophisticated so if anybody has suggestions I'm all ears! :-) <div class="block-cms"> <div class="cms-category-image"> <img src="{$base_dir}/images/cms-{strtolower($category->name)}.jpg"><br>Image © Depositphotos.com / {if strtolower($category->name) == 'sing' } hitdelight {/if} {if strtolower($category->name) == 'learn' } STYLEPICS {/if} </div> <h1 class="cms-header"><a href="{if $category->id eq 1}{$base_dir}{else}{$link->getCategoryLink($category->id, $category->link_rewrite)}{/if}">{$category->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a></h1> {if isset($sub_category) & !empty($sub_category)} <h4>{l s='List of sub categories in %s:' sprintf=$category->name}</h4> <ul class="bullet"> {foreach from=$sub_category item=subcategory} <li> <a href="{$link->getCMSCategoryLink($subcategory.id_cms_category, $subcategory.link_rewrite)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$subcategory.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a> </li> {/foreach} </ul> {/if} {if isset($cms_pages) & !empty($cms_pages)} <h4>{l s='List of CraneTrax articles under "%s":' sprintf=$category->name}</h4> <p>We hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. If you'd like to learn more, or have us write specific material about this subject, please contact us and let us know. Your success makes us feel terrific!</p> <ul class="cms-list"> {foreach from=$cms_pages item=cmspages} <li class="cms-bullet"> <a href="{$link->getCMSLink($cmspages.id_cms, $cmspages.link_rewrite)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$cmspages.meta_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a> </li> {/foreach} </ul> {/if} </div>
  13. Hi there! :-) I'm totally new here so please go easy on me. Someone MUST have asked this question before but I can't seem to find the right keywords to search for the responses. I'm putting together my first Prestashop site and more or less I'm slowly Forrest Gumping it together and it's not too awful looking. However, we have a collection of articles that we want to include, in two separate categories. I've installed the CMS module and have created a category for "resources for singers" and "the business of music". Underneath those categories, I've added the articles I'd like to display. Doing it this way seems to keep the breadcrumbs intact which is great. However, while the CMS pages themselves are fine, the CMS category page is hideous! It's an unformatted text list of the articles that fall under the category. I'd like to go in and pretty that up. At the very least I'd like to style the list, but if it's not too ambitious, I'd also like to maybe pull thumbnails of the article images and some metadata as well to display on the CMS category page. Make it look a little more friendly, like. So far all I've been able to find that might reference this stuff is the CMSCategory.php file which terrifies me. LOL Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks! Geoff.
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