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  1. I used 1 click upgrade to go from to 1..6.1 I got an error and tried to use the restore but it didn't work correctly. I decided to use the 'Server Rewind" on my cpanel and just take everything back to where it was a day ago. In the back office I get "Tab file cannot be found. " My shop was in maintenance mode so I turned it back on. Now all I see on my homepage is a background and a logo. Nothing else. Suggestions?
  2. I'm using the Paypal Pro module and the Paypal USA/Canada module. When I get an order, the customer's email address and street address are not showing up in Paypal. It doesn't show what product they've ordered either. It does show this info in the backoffice.
  3. I'm using Paypal module 3.5.4 on Prestashop This module has worked for years and all the sudden stopped working. It comes up with "No payment modules have been installed." on checkout page, even though the module is installed. I looked at the module and it is saying I need to enter my API credentials even though they are there. I deleted the API credentials off paypal and got new ones. I tried those on the paypal module and got the same errors saying I need to fill in API info. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks! Some PS functions like this are too hard to find in my opinion. Seems like like this could be more user friendly.
  5. Can you tell me where I can modify the payment email that is sent after a customer purchases something? thanks
  6. Any advice on just transferring the database, images, etc. and importing them to a new host with latest default theme? 1-Click upgrade doesn't help with that as far as I can see.
  7. I've made a Meta Tag optimization rule and applied it in the SEO Expert module. Every time I do this it only gets 98% of the way done. Sometimes it comes up and has a list of about 9 products (out 500 or so) that says there were errors. The rest of the products, the tags are getting applied to.
  8. I've got a prestashop 1.4 site that I want to export all the products, images, categories, etc. and put it into a new site with a different 1.6 theme on a different host. Can you guys point me toward any resources to explain how to do this? Any advice or explanation would be appreciated.
  9. perfect - thanks file to modify is order-opc-new-account.tpl by the way.
  10. I'm trying to add an embedded youtube video on my homepage to the right of the smartphone, laptop etc icons, the big space with just background. There was a slider there that I removed. I've turned on iframe in preferences. I've tried inserting the code with several different kinds of html modules but can't get it to show up. The closest I got was contentbox would put it in the footer. Any ideas? page is wwmm.info
  11. So, let me make sure I understand. I uncomment the code above and then add checked="checked" after it? None of the rest of that code has to be modified? By hide it in css, you're saying hide it from displaying, correct? Can you tell me how to do that?
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