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  1. Joel, The below only works for 1 title what about having 2-10 Titles?
  2. it's almost free I just donated a small amount and got the module in my email. I mean really small amount ... I feel embarrassed to tell heheheh .. it's a great module ... I love it
  3. Rocky, Thanks but if you don't mind can you please give us an example file that we can use? like putting the above code to which file ? when you say appropriate PHP files... which one is the appropriate PHP file.... will i be able to put a youtube link and it will open up in a thickbox ?
  4. Here's what I want ... check this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/64329/development/checkbox_implement_on_combinations_page_dot_ what I want is to be able to check multiple combinations and check the pictures to be assigned to them. because some of my combinations will need similar pictures.
  5. Hi there, does anybody know how to make the CMS show in thick box just like in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS in the shipping page of a purchase. where you need to put a check on the agree on terms and conditions. and when you click the link it shows in a thickbox
  6. Ok here's what I did I download the zip file and copy the jquery.js and css files to my prestashop js and css folder then I open up my header.tpl file in themes and added the then where am I going to put the below ? or do i just need to put in the one that you said or $(‘img’).lightBox(); // Select all images in the page
  7. Xtaz411 what about the shipping ? since i have a shipping cost of $3 a $5 gift certificate would become $8 ... how do you handle that ?
  8. Would you like to share with us how you did it another way ? Xtaz411
  9. after almost a year nobody replied to you ? do you have the answer to this already ..
  10. Anyone wants to try and get paid for this work ? give me an offer and I will consider it ... I really need this type of thing ...
  11. Digisli There is a module that puts an extra tab inline with comments and you can have tabs under that tab too ... go to this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/12610/third_party_modules/module_extra_tabs Caparuni, I still want to make your Product CMS to be below the comments and all tabs. or inline with it ... maybe you can combine with the thread above to get a very nice module. Combine your features.
  12. Hi all, Where can I edit to have an email sent to me when ever a customer registers, maybe the same email as the customer have (welcome email) ?
  13. There was no activation code sent to my email ..... when I try to register at your site
  14. I want to have your module and I had a go on your website to register myself but I have a few questions will I get free upgrades if you have new version ? Can I activate someone from BO? Will I be able to send re-activation link through BO? In the screenshot below i tried to login without clicking the activation link. it might better to have and error message saying that or something like that and the RESEND ACTIVATION LINK window should be another PHP or something so that we can link it to the CLICK HERE in the above statement e.g. resendact.php ( I hope you understand what I am trying to say. )
  15. Joel, Your module is great this is still considered to be your module heheheh .. he just said he only changed the front end .. hehehe .. by the way joel ... how can we hide the loading of the pictures so that it will not push down our content
  16. I agree with with you johanna ... it pushed all my content below it wayyyyyyy down while it's loading.
  17. Can you tell me on which prestashop version did you install the module ? mine does not work on
  18. Caparuni, any module updates to make it work on Prestashop heheheh ... I have been loving this module EDITED : woops heheheh ... it works in prestashop .. sorry .. anyway ... when I assign multiple CMS to a product category it will just stackup one on top of the other? how can I make it So that the multiple CMS will show in multiple tabs in the products page so not to waste space. how can I move the Product CMS to display under the description and comments?
  19. Thanks for your reply but I am sure there should be someone out there with an alternative rather than just removing the add to cart button.
  20. In the home featured you can see "add to cart" button and it will add the product to your cart with the default attributes assigned to it when we created it. Is there a way to give a confirmation message to the customer that he/she will be purchasing "size : L , color :black" because he/she clicked on the add to cart button . the same goes for the product list page. I am not sure if you guys can understand my english ... hehehe .. please help
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