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  1. hi all, I have set in BO to give 5% but in the email it shows the above in RED how can I fix this to make it dynamic? what I mean dynamic is when I choose amount it will show like the above but when I choose Percentage it will show percentage ... without me editing the email html file Regards Archproject
  2. Hi there, How come this module does now want to show the tinymce editor ? I am using PS 1.3.4 and using FAQ 1.3.2. Usually Tinymce would take some time to load but this time it does not show up at all. But on my old PS 1.3.2 it seems ok ... Please help EDITED : could it be because of the Prestateam upgraded the tinymce in version 1.3.4? if so ... how can I make it work for this module ... in other tinymce places it works just this module does not work ...
  3. I have the same problem ... does did you get any solution for this ?
  4. Can you also send me your edited module? Please I have PM you
  5. Hi there, does any body have a FULL list of the directory shortcuts in prestashop. I mean those like PS_BASE_DIR or something like that ... is it posted anywhere Regards Archproject
  6. phrasespot, thanks for the update.when I use the "home text editor" fpr adding my flash object codes and java scripts it sometimes removes some of the original coding (in html mode) tinymce is great for WYSIWYG but if I want to add html then I need something like your module . Really appreciate your module. thanks.... hmmm . is there any way to turn off tinymce editor for some module ..? Regards Archproject
  7. i create my forms using coffeecup web forms and attach them to cms pages it works well enough
  8. tomerg3 what will happen if I disable cononical URL module ? i mean what are the implication of disabling
  9. I have the same problem. Thomas, I did picked a default url but that didn't work for me it went from http://www.mysite.com/mysite.com/10-product-test.html to http://www.mysite.com/www.mysite.com/10-product-test.html Has anyone have any other suggestion ?
  10. phrasespot, Great I will wait for your update on this module this weekend.... heheh ... Thanks...
  11. Here's the home featured. Have you ever used the Search Feature in this forums.... you might want to try it ... it does wonders
  12. I don't see a home featured on your page. did you install the module and expect to have a home featured? because it's like a plugin for home featured... enable home featured and then enable the module ...
  13. Does anybody have the same problem as I have ? can somebody help me here
  14. Hi there it works great but How do I hook it to the "HOMEPAGE CONTENT" hook? it only works on the left column
  15. The way prestashop is designed is that they don't really delete those that are deleted I deleted a carrier in BO and created another one which changed the Carrier ID by an increment of 1 after the last carrier ID ... so I went into the database and looked the carrier was still there. .... prestashop team made prestashop this way I hate it ... it will make my database more bigger than it needs . means more cost in the backup storages. I wish the prestashop team would look into this ... maybe create a Recyclebin table where it can be flushed with a button in BO ...
  16. is daymo not replying to this thread anymore ? the module is great ... but can someone tell me 1) how I can make the first category as open by default (expanded by default) 2) How can I make the category to be a link as in the attachment category "ALL T-SHIRTS" is not a link so when I clicked on it, it will just expand, I want it to be a LINK to all T-shirts category and when I click on the "+" sign it will expand. 3) Look at the attachment, the "+" sign is next to category "AUTO". how can I make this to be at the end (right side) just like the "ALL T-SHIRTS" category.
  17. Here's what I did I uninstall Cart Block from Modules tab in BO and then install your module in BO I click on configuration and there was no other thing to configure other than the ajax or non-ajax cart but when I click save the below appeared.
  18. ok let's get this straight So since I bought the module I will be license for 4 domains?
  19. You are using Friendly URL if no friendly url then it's like below correct ? Click here for more information But this didn't work
  20. I still have the activation link in my email .. but what if I lost it and I need to get another activation link ... where is the link to resend ? I can't find it in your site? EDITED: I can't wait for your reply ... I am buying it now ... EDITED again : How do I register my purchase of your module ? EDITED again and again : I really don't like the PER DOMAIN licensing because I have several development domains as well and they will need license again
  21. Hahahah .. that was easy ... now how do i link a CMS to it ... because when I link a CMS link in the "LINK TO CONTENT" it shows my whole website with headers and all. I just want to display the CMS
  22. Ok sorry for not explaining very well, I want to put a text link or image link in the Product page under the MORE INFO section to show a picture or a cms in thickbox let's say in the MORE INFO tab I put when the customer clicks on CLICK HERE a CMS or a PICTURE or a YOUTUBE VIDEO will appear in a thickbox. Does that explain it ?
  23. Its ok ... I hope I can understand the english ehheehh .. anyway .. you can get the bigger picture for this request in the thread below I described it in detail in the thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/64329/development/checkbox_implement_on_combinations_page_dot_ Basically I don't want to click EDIT the combinations one by one to assign the pictures I just select a group of combinations and it's related pictures in one click of the ADD THIS COMBINATION because some of my products have 100s of combinations so i had to click the EDIT in each combination to assign the picture to one combination.
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