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  1. hi Nommam I am using your home evolution and it's really great and all ... but how can I add an image overlay on the home evolution featured list ..? For example I want to put a corner image ... saying NEW on new products ... ? so that it displays on your module?
  2. Well that's because you are using this template above .. I downloaded the template and cross check with mine and found the global.css has the above statement ... so I added it in .. and viola ....... since you were using the above template .. you had it already in the global.css .... did you check your global.css.... ?
  3. Wow Great advice .. thank you very much .. I have been trying to do this ... hahahaha ... thanks again
  4. Ok I came back to this thread ... I got it to work on my WAMP ... anyway .. here's what you do add this code in products.tpl under For overlay image on new products. {if $product->new}<!--[if IE 6]><!--[if IE 6]>{/if} and add this at the very end of your global.css .new_image { position:absolute; z-index:2; } CameraTek has forgotten to tell you the second bit in global.css .. that's why some of us who are using different theme are having the picture either with just a text link or a picture on top of the product picture.... The same goes for onsale products .... just change to onsale accordingly
  5. Hi all, I have a few combinations generated from the Product combination generator ... and I want to delete some of it efficiently without clicking the X button 36 times (need 36 combinations deleted) Please help
  6. it was the admin directory password protection after entering it once the browsers I think stores a cookie so that I can upload the pictures again without entering password again. so it's only once ... anyway .. great module ... thank you so much for creating it ... makes my life so much better ...
  7. But which username and password is it asking for ? my ftp account ? my admin page for prestashop? or something ... would it do this if I set from my cpanel to have my admin directory to be password protected? i did this to have more security on it .. ?I haven't tried adding less pictures yet ... I am too tired .. it's 12.44 a.m. here where I am at .. and today starts the chinese new year ... well anyway .. I am going to go to sleep soon ... thanks ... I will try tomorrow afternoon and update ..
  8. Really I can't help ranting about this topic..... Prestashop team is not doing a great job in cleaning up the mysql database for example ... when I create combination from the combination generator ... it generates well but then when I want to re-generate the combinations ... it still shows the old combinations in the database and then ... this will eventually make my database bigger and bulkier .... just because for one product i have about 200 -300 combinations... anyway .. another case is when I update my carrier it just creates another row in the tables.... and not deleting the old one the effect is having another ID for the updated carrier which already exists..... maybe the prestashop team has some functionality built in to this maybe I just don't understand but can somebody explain to me why is this so for the database...
  9. hi guys .. I have added the multi-image-uploader folder to my admin folder and replaced my AdminProducts.php with the v1.3.6.0 - AdminProducts.php and renamed it accordingly when I add a product and try to upload 12 pictures it was asking for a username password and tell me that my domain name (e.g. www.mysite.com) is asking for my username and password and I clicked cancel for all and 0 files were uploaded..? Why is this so ? is there any authentication needed for this uploader ? is this the code that is doing this ? /* Check required fields */ foreach ($rules['required'] AS $field) if (($value = Tools::getValue($field)) == false AND $value != '0') { if (Tools::getValue('id_'.$this->table) AND $field == 'passwd') continue; $this->_errors[] = $this->l('the field').' '.call_user_func(array($className, 'displayFieldName'), $field, $className).' '.$this->l('is required'); } Below is a screenshot of the authentication required, can somebody explain to me why this authentication is required?>
  10. oh boyyyy .. i have been looking at the wrong directory ... /modules/newletter heheheh .. anyway .. do you know if there is a newsletter link in prestashop that shows a subscribe or unsubscribe page for newsletters.... ? \ I have tried www.mysite.com/modules/newsletter/newsletter.php ... but nothing came up ...
  11. I can't find the tpl file for newsletter can you tell me what is the file name ? and where is it located....
  12. Can you post up the full modifications on this thread ... after everybody had a little bit of tinkering with the codes ?
  13. Hi all, I am trying to clone the bank wire module into 3 separate bank module .... with 3 different bank account on 3 different banks. so how can I do this the easy way ... ? I have copied the bankwire folder and made bankwirebankA bankwirebankB bankwirebankC and I have changed the php files inside the 3 folders into bankwirebankA.php bankwirebankB.php bankwirebankC.php and I change every single word in bankwirebankA.php from bankwire to bankwirebankA and did the same to all other 2 files in their recpective directories. what else I need to do ?
  14. Hi there, Does anyone know how to remove the header_block on the newsletter block CSS is as below /* Block newsletter */ div#newsletter_block_left div.block_content { background:transparent url('../img/Newsletter.png'); padding:1em 0; text-align:center; color:#374853; height:300px;} div#newsletter_block_left div.block_content p{ padding:0.3em 0; text-align:center; } div#newsletter_block_left div.block_content input.button_mini{ margin:1em auto 0em auto;} I want to remove the header and the box around the green paint ... how can i do that ?
  15. is there anyone who can help me with this ?
  16. hi guys, is a newsletter link that i can link to in my emails for the subscribtion and unsubscribe of newsletter in the newsletter module? I tried www.mysite.com/modules/newsletter/newsletter.php and nothing came up. Do i need to hool it somewhere?
  17. Chup, I don't think so ... I saw differences in the 1.4 themes where there are more CSS files in the CSS directory for segregating the styling on everything. usually we only have Maintenance.css, global.css and some other css but now in 1.4 there's a whole lot of new css files in the directory I need to know the answer to my question above because I wanted to customize my theme for 1.4 now ... and will be ready when 1.4 final is out .. hehehehe ...
  18. Done, I hope you're going all the way ... great job by the way ...
  19. maybe you can include how to create a basic module, Thing that you need to know on making a module How to change the default theme into something extra ordinary you need to definitely have a training video on "HOW TO UPDATE PRESTASHOP" and keep up to date with prestashop releasing it's version like hailstorm... heheheheh .. I think this is the most important training somebody should do.
  20. wow where did you get your theme.... it's beautiful and sooo very cool ... I didn't know prestashop can look like this
  21. Hi guys, I was just wondering if the default theme "prestashop" in version final (no more changes) ? Regards Archproject
  22. Thanks for the reply RJGonzalez but all I wanted was a select statement to select all my products with it's default category. I know how to do this in oracle but not in mysql something like select product_id, product_name, default_category from products; Regards Archproject
  23. I have removed the feature now I am too tired to look at it now ... I am moving on to mailchimp now .. anyway thanks ... oh I am using wamp so no url yet ....
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