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  1. Guys, Does anyone know how to remove the Prestashop TM at the page title of every admin page ? Regards Archproject
  2. Sorry I think you got the wrong field .... I mean to say the field in the attachement of this post
  3. Befneh, i check with my customer and he entered the alias for his address too long during registration so it gave him.an error tell ur customer to use a short address alias
  4. I tried posting a question in wordpress support site but no one replied ... I guess nobody knows exactly ...
  5. Radu, Thank you so much ... that did it .... thank you thank you thank you ... now I can publish my rss hehehehe
  6. Rocky, Can you shed some light to my problem here ... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/93362/configuring___using_prestashop/rss_feed_only_show_10_products/ seems like the http://mysite.com/modules/feeder/rss.php only gives the first 10 items in my shop which it's suppose to give 10 most updated items .. in my shop ,,, is it ? can you help out here ... I am so confused.... RSS FEEDs are for updates and not just stagnant with the first 10 items I added to my shop aloooooonnnnnggggg time ago.... EDITED : Never mind I got the answer already Regards Archproject
  7. Hups, You are talking about the RSS BLOCK MODULE ... that module is to show a FEED from other sites not for your prestashop site .. I have already tried it it will say the same thing ... what I am talking about is the RSS PRODUCT FEED MODULE which displays the feed of your products in your prestashop at yoursite/modules/feeder/rss.php so that other people can subscribe to it. so when they subscribe they will just use the above link ... so what i am trying to do is make the rss.php link to show updates of my products and not just list my products .... from the frist product up to 10 items. the feed should have only give the last 10 items in my shop .. not the first 10 items in my shop
  8. Radu, thanks for the suggestion but changing the number only increases the number of items in the feed. I want it to show the latest 10 or 2o items that I have put in my catalogue. RSS feed is suppose to be updates to a website. Hups, where did you hear that we have to use external feed ? any article ? please share..
  9. Hi guys, I have a few customers telling me when they register they get the "alias too long" error ... is there any explanation to this or is there a solution to it.... ? Regards archproject
  10. I think you are talking about the RSS feed block on the first attachment ... yes that module can be configured ... but I am talking about the RSS Product Feed module (in second attachment) and when I install this there is no configure link.....when i install I get this link http://www.mysite.com/modules/feeder/rss.php which only displays 10 product which suppose to be 44
  11. *Bump No body know ? or no body is using the RSS feeder module ?
  12. Hi all, I am using the module feeder which comes with prestashop ... and I only have the first 10 items of my products in the RSS ... feed ... WHY IS THAT .... I have 44 products now .. and it should show me 44 or maybe 10 new ones ... How does it really work ?
  13. Search RSS on facebook app page ... and there are alot of apps you can install to your facebook page so it will read the RSS of any feed you give ..
  14. If you are using CPANEL ... you can go to REDIRECT and create a redirect from www.yousite.com/faq to www.yoursite.com/modules/faq/faq.php heheheh that's what i did ok, thanks. then thats mean that I can rewrite/redirect with htaccess too? YUP
  15. Hi there, I am selling tees and I want to have my customers to click the "add to cart" button and a popup will be displaying the attributes of the t-shirt and 2 buttons saying "Configuration is OK Continue to add to cart" (will add the product with the default attribute combinations to cart) and "Customise Further" (will go to the product page) Can this be done ?
  16. If you are using CPANEL ... you can go to REDIRECT and create a redirect from www.yousite.com/faq to www.yoursite.com/modules/faq/faq.php heheheh that's what i did
  17. Yup I am running RC1.4 ... before RC 1.4 I have never tried to install your extension ... So RC1.4 was my first install and it worked immediately... oh yeah and yes you got what i was trying to explain ... attached is the process of me uploading my images ... from first, 2nd and third batch ... ... I do this because I want to arrange the way the pictures are uploaded and displayed so that it's arranged ... the way I want it to be and then one time pressing upload ...
  18. I had the same feeling before now I am not too fussy with the caption ... since some of my products can go up to 40 pictures .... So i gave up on the caption and settled for the ease of uploading 40 images. .. heheheh e... you win some you lose some but it would be great if there is a caption for each multiple upload ...
  19. This was long time done already... I mean I am searching for how to have the wishlist block ... I am trying to get the wishlist button to replace the "ADD TO CART" button in the product list page ...
  20. Here's what I have done .. I edited product-list.tpl and remove the add to cart button I changed the button VIEW to Customise in the Front end translation since my products have alot of customisation Now I need to add the "add to my wishlist" button Can someone help me ?
  21. I don't know if this will help but If you guys are using the PS 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 there's a bug ... please go to this site for help http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/image_mimetype_error_on_upload/ anyway I have been using this for a while now .. and it's soooo great ... but there's one thing that annoys me a little ... when I click on add image and selected a batch of image it was as normal and when I click again add image and gives some new batch of images the START UPLOAD button greys out .... and is not clickable and then when I click the add image for the third time and add another 3rd batch of images ... the start upload button became alive again ... and this goes on and on ... for every "EVEN" times you click the add image the start upload button greys out ... for every "ODD" times you click the start upload button becomes alive ... does anyone have this problem ?
  22. I think you can trust him ... I tried the suggestion and look what happens.... maybe you can use a firefox extension next time to test out anything ... it's called FIREBUG... that's the one I used in the screenshot below. If you change it in firebug you are not changing it for real in your global.css .. it's just a way for you to test your changes ...
  23. Wowww ... great ... I never thought of putting it on the tabs .. heheheh .. this would be great ... but can you add in a captcha for it ? this will keep spam out of my inbox ... ? I mean from other people's inboxes EDITED : Plus your website is sooooo great I am learning something from it as well ... thank you very much ...
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