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  1. Thank you very much with this ... I dunno how will I get along with limited buttons in the tinymce hahahahha...really appreciate it. Should change the title with [sOLVED]
  2. Thanks i just emailed the developer to ask if it is compatible with 1.5. I was thinking that the email verification should have been by default in PS
  3. I am testing and i was wondering if I can get the person who register to verify their email before he/she can really start shopping.?
  4. hahahah .. thanks alot ... I found it ... I would never have guessed hahahahha ... I feel abit ashamed hahahah. . anyway .. thanks... that was easy .
  5. Hi there I have just downloaded and installed PS and liking it ... my previous version was 1.3.6 and I can't seem to change the default currency (euro at the moment). Can somebody help me here ? I tried deleting and disabling euro but no affect. Regards Archproject
  6. You can also find other ISO code for other countries here http://developer.ebay.com/Devzone/business-policies/CallRef/types/IsoCurrencyCode.html
  7. Yeah I was asking the same question too so *BUMP*
  8. Yeah you need to clear cache and force compile before you can see changes to your site. I was going around like a headless chicken trying to figure this out. hahaha
  9. Wow, that's sounds easy ... Thank you very much. Another thing, when I do the CMS I saved the pictures on another directory in PS such as http://subdomain.mydomain.com/test01/cms/picture1.jpg Now in the WYSIWYG editor of the cms how can I link to the picture without editing all the cms to http://www.mydomain.com/cms/picture1.jpg This will save me time not to relink every single picture in my cms..... Archproject
  10. Hi there, I have been doing testing on my site from http://subdomain.mydomain.com/test01 and I'd like to move the test into http://www.mydomain.com what do i need to do ? Thanks alot guys Archproject
  11. Wow, Nice modification of the theme. Which version of Prestashop are you using ?
  12. I am using too but when I upload multiple images there's a yellow icon next to it saying there is "I/O Error"
  13. Thanks. but the thing is that I do not know what you are talking about ... can you give me some links or tutorials that can help ..Sorry
  14. I also would like to know how this works ? at the moment I am testing on 1.4.4 I saw in the feature list that AFFILIATE PROGRAM is included http://www.prestashop.com/en/allfeatures#administration
  15. Thanks for replying. sorry for my late reply ... what do you mean by using open graph protocol ... ? can you explain more on this?
  16. Hi there, I don't know if I should post here or not but here goes, Can somebody tell me why is it that when I copy and paste my product URL to facebook, facebook cannot match the picture with the product url that I actually pasted in. By the way I am using PS 1.3.6 Archproject
  17. Sorry, but I have downloaded a couple of your free themes and when I install with the themeinstaller module it always 100% say "the zip file seems to be broken" and I have tried to download several times with the result to be the same. Regards Archproject
  18. what is it that you don't understand ... about change in modules/feeder/rss.php $id_category = (intval(Tools::getValue('id_category')) ? intval(Tools::getValue('id_category')) : 1); add $orderBy = 'date_add'; $orderWay = 'DESC';
  19. Thanks ... heheheh .. I should have known that .. but was very very lazy to find out heheheh . thanks ...
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