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  1. CIndy, as I have said I did a fresh install and no other modules were turned on. Paypal was the first module I wanted to install. I didn't install a URL Rewriting module but I do have the Friendly URL turned on. So I tried disabling the Friendly URL still the error is there but the below error is what I get when I click install [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module paypal: syntax error, unexpected '<<' (T_SL) Regards Archproject
  2. I have the same problem, Downloaded the latest version of PS 1.5.5. and installed a fresh install then tried to install the paypal module 3.5.9 and hit the same error. Does anybody know how to fix this ?
  3. Nobody is answering on how to edit the mobile template. How can i edit the mobile template?
  4. This module was working with PS 1.5.4 but after it didn't work. Can you help me ?
  5. Great .. {$product_link} it worked for me and I am using PS
  6. This is an update to this thread where in PS 1.5.4 it has changed to the file in .../js/tinymce.inc.js all you have to do is remove the on button3 and button4 that has all the buttons name (on line 16 and 17)then add the to the empty button3 and button4 (on line 18 and 19) just like below theme_advanced_buttons1 : "newdocument,|,bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,styleselect,formatselect,fontselect,fontsizeselect", theme_advanced_buttons2 : "cut,copy,paste,pastetext,pasteword,|,search,replace,|,bullist,numlist,|,outdent,indent,blockquote,|,undo,redo,|,link,unlink,anchor,image,cleanup,help,code,,|,forecolor,backcolor, media, fullscreen", theme_advanced_buttons3 : "tablecontrols,|,hr,removeformat,visualaid,|,sub,sup,|,charmap,|,ltr,rtl,|", theme_advanced_buttons4 : "styleprops,|,cite,abbr,acronym,del,ins,attribs,pagebreak", //theme_advanced_buttons3 : "", //theme_advanced_buttons4 : "",
  7. Hi there, I am trying to sell gift vouchers in my store, meaning my customers can purchase a $10 gift voucher and get the voucher as a PDF or image download from their account. So the item is downloadable. My question is how can I upload 5 different vouchers to one product. So the product is the "$10 Gift Voucher" and my customers can purchase this item 5 times with different vouchers everytime until no more available. so each customer will have 5 different vouchers to download from their account.? I hope I explained it well ... Please help and I am using PS 1.5.4 Archproject
  8. Hi there, I have installed PS on a directory in my main domain so it looks like http://www.mymaindomain.com/shop now I want to RENAME that directory to another one like http://www.mymaindomain.com/NewShop Can someone tell me what I need to do to achieve this. Regards Archproject
  9. ok argamanza, I tried your solution and it worked and I upgraded my php version to 5.4.8. First I upgraded my php version and then tried to upload a carrier logo and failed. then I change the ImageManager.php file just like argamanza said and then tried to upload another carrier logo and it worked. I hope by commenting out the statement will not break any other features?
  10. I confirm the upload is not working with PHP version 3 and when I down load like what danlee said, the uploading of images works. I was trying to upload the carriers logo and was failing then after downgrading it works nicely.
  11. i would assume si that it can send the email its just during nsallation i cant send test email. did u test during installation u tried to send the test email? and to receive the intallation information to email also was not working
  12. Hi there, I have been pulling my hair out due to not being able to send test email during the installation. And if i ignore that stage and carry on to install. All the email function works in front office. I think theres something wrong with the test email send. Is anybody else getting this... This is a fresh install of 1.5 2
  13. It might be the same case. that your web hosting company decided to change your site's DNS. worth to check it out. for me I have to go to namecheap.com where I registered the domain that I used for PS and manually change the DNS settings to point to my web hosting DNS settings.
  14. thanks for replying but I think the server support team has told me to change the DNS entry for my parked domain that's why I can't use the PHP Mail function. So now I have to wait about 48 hrs to see the changes propagate. I will update again in this thread
  15. decpro350, I am having the same problems during installation I can't send test emails. I tried the username in double quotes but still cannot send. did you really make it to send test emails ? SMTP server : mail.myparkeddomain.com username : "name+myparkeddomain.com" Password : ******* port : 26 Can you confirm this is correct ?
  16. Hi there, I don't know if anyone tried to send a TEST email during the installation setup. from PS 1.3.6 until 1.4.8 the TEST email has been more than successfull but since version PS 1.5 the default email does not seem to work it keeps saying check parameters. all this while I have been using php mail only never SMTP. can someone help me. ? Regards Archproject
  17. HI there, I was just wondering how can I have a feature to email me (the admin) whenever a customer registers themselves into my shop I am using PS 1.5.2
  18. I just upgraded to PS 1.5.2 and it says that authentication.php will be deprecated. ? Does anyone know how to do this on version 1.5.2???
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