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  1. hi there,


    can someone tell me how to change the email address that is used to send emails to the customers e.g. when a customer registers and he gets an email from my shop and the email address is [email protected] but I want it to be [email protected]. I have already tried changing the email address in the superadmin profile and that only changes the email address to login to back office. is there any database sql thing that needs to be done ? if so can you help me to write the sql please. I am just guessing there is something in the sql because this email address is something that I provided during the pS installation.




  2. Hi there,


    I need a module if one exists. For example I add a product called 3R Prints  and when I customer clicks on it


    1. it shows a multi image uploader where he can upload several images in one go and then the images are presented like a temporary gallery
    2. the temporary gallery is where he can delete and add more pictures, the temporary gallery should have thumbnails
    3. also in the temporary gallery he can specify how many prints he wants for each image that he uploaded
    4. then the customer proceeds by clicking "YES these are the ones that I wanted to be printed with 3R size"
    5. the module will consolidate the number of prints and present it to prestashop for the "price per print x number of prints =total cost"
    6. Temporary Gallery becomes permanent and admin should be able to download the images for printing
    7. then in the shopping cart it will state the size of the prints and how many prints with total cost and a preview of the photos in thumbnail form

    or anything quite similar to this




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  3. Not from Brazil. My parents are Portuguese but from Portugal. My grandfather did move to Brazil before I was born so I know there are Naldinhos down there bu I am actually Canadian.


    The site will be dynamiteprinting.ca but it is in maintance mode. I expect to go live in a week or so. The biggest issue was dealing with the product combinations. When you consider that a product might be available in a variety of sizes, on a few types of stock, and with a bunch of finishing options and then if you treat quantity as an attribute it is really easy to get into the 500-3000 combinations per product. The site takes almost no time but the data entry to create all the CSV files for the products takes a long time.


    I have another site thetabdepartment.com that is not print but print adjusant -- basically custom index tabs, custom binders, and the guts for the binders. That one is live but not finished to the level where I am happy with it yet. I probably have a few months of hacking away at it to get it up to what I would consider acceptable.


    Hi Nal,


    sorry to open up this old post but what happened to your dynamiteprinting.ca ? i was thinking of doing the same thing get customers upload their photos from computer/mobile/facebook/instagram to order for printing as simple as that ... with minimal sizes 3R and 4R (for starters) and then send them over for shipping to customer. Is this still possible ?

  4. Ok, here' s quick fix I found. Not the best way (since a core hack is involved), but you can take it from here and create an override.


    Open the file "your_root/modules/paypal/views/templates/hook/express_checkout_payment.tpl"


    Find the condition "{if isset($use_mobile) && $use_mobile}" (twice in the file)

    and change the image source from the dynamic link to

    <img src="http://www.yoursite.gr/modules/paypal/views/img/logos/express_checkout_mobile/CO_en_EN_orange_295x43.png" /> 


    You should change 6 <img src> tags to make it work.


    Save, upload, refresh the page and check if it works. It worked for me. You can take it from there and recreate the "proper" dynamic link (prestashop newbie here, so... :) )


    Hope this helps.

    Thanks this worked for me


    just to clarify what the above meant was that you need to put that full image url into all 6 instances of the tag <img src>


    Thanks alot

  5. Customer Loyalty and Rewards v1.2.9

    I had same problems as above, and spent hours working on it.


    I did change the currency format and that did correct the display problem as well, but I am in the States and having currency displayed in an EU format is awkward here, so....


    The only solution that worked for me (and I still am unclear if I missed anything) was to delete the js folder in the /modules/loyalty folder.

    (it has a zero length file named loyalty.js)


    I then did a RESET on the module from the admin panel, reconfigured the options and it began working.


    I know it is very frustrating to have ZERO response on this forum when you have problems with your website, so I hope that this helps somebody with the same problem.


    PS: I may have uninstalled and reinstalled the module AFTER deleting the js folder, but I cannot remember as I was working on two sites with this same problem at the same time.


    PPS: I will also be cross posting this solution on the other threads that I found with no solutions in case it helps them.

    I tried this and it was still the same.


    Deleted JS folder

    Uninstall the module

    install the module back

    configure the module

    Problem still persist

  6. Hi guys,


    ok after alot of pondering I did the below and it worked for me.


    1) I uploaded a transparent image file "transparent.png" to where ever you want in to store directory. I uploaded it to


    2) Edit the file below


    3) On line 35 change it accordingly

    <img id="payment_paypal_express_checkout" src="https://www.paypal.com/{$PayPal_lang_code|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}/i/btn/btn_xpressCheckout.gif" alt="" />


    <img id="payment_paypal_express_checkout" src="http://www.YOURSITE.com/module/paypal/views/img/transparent.png" alt="" />




    If you want to really make it disappear go to the paypal module in your module admin page and click on MANAGE HOOKS and unhook those that you do not want it to appear. honestly I am not confident enough to unhook so I did the above. you have to be careful you might unhook those that are important.


    Happy Trying.


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