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  1. Hi guys, When im trying to create a new strore in the multistore mode, it happen that the modules shoppingcart and currencies disappear in the original shop, but everything its ok in the new one. When i delete de new one, everything its ok again in the old one... So.. this coould be misconfig or bug? Original shop - botton.grow.nhdesign.pt New shop - norway.botton.grow.nhdesign.pt Anyone can help me with this? yhnaks
  2. in the product list.. appear like a product and the product list like a combination or variant of these product
  3. Hi guy's, Is anyone know how we can show the pictures of the product variants or combinations in the product page? Like this example of the nike the problem is that de product array dont have any information related with combinations images and etc
  4. Hi Guy's, One small question. When we create a new combination of one product, its possible that the same appear like a new product? If not, anyone know some solution to this scenario? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Im using the version of the prestashop 1.7.5, and it´s happening a Technicall error saving a carrier, but without log. The object object its empty. But, the error its appear with just one carrier.. its weird, anyone had saw this?
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