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  1. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue - all modules went to "Others" section in BO. PS version Both files have value true but nothing has changed. Any other idea to solve this cosmetic issue? Thanks in adnvance.
  2. I've done your suggestion on localhost but issue persists on default theme as well.
  3. No I’m not using any OPC module. OPC is selected in PS settings. Theme is Panda from sunnytoo.com former themeforest theme developer.
  4. Hello, I have a weird problem on the checkout page - https://maclife.sk I have two currencies in my store - EUR, CZK A quick one-page checkout has been selected. When a customer is buying in EUR, everything is okay - carrier selection, terms and conditions checked and payment methods appear OK. But if the customer chooses CZK, the payment methods will not be displayed. They only appear after a checkout page has been refreshed. I have double checked permissions and countries - everything is checked and looks fine. Any ideas or help will be appreciated, thanks.
  5. It means that new 0.24 works between different versions 1.6 -> 1.7?? Or simply copy from 1.6 to 1.6 and 1.7 to 1.7? Thanks, for info.
  6. Ak by sa niekto podujal na vývoj, vzal by som aj ja...
  7. - I didn't make any other changes except for filling in the access data for the old shop. - In the new shop I've only imported and activated new (Slovak) language and deactivated and erased default (English) language. - I'll send you PM here shortly. Regards, R.
  8. Hi master, Yes ps_shop table is empty (see attached image 1) Error message I've got after entering "localhost/admin..." in browser (see attached image 2) Regards, R.
  9. Hi master, answers to your questions: 1) Development mode see attached screenshot 2) According to DiffMerge tool (which is similar to WinMerge), there are 199 changes between both SQL files old vs. new one - there is also significant difference in size of these files (11,8MB vs. 0,6MB) 3) I am not able to enter backoffice of old shop, new one works perfect but it is untouched (default data in products catalog etc.) Any suggestions? Thanks, R.
  10. Hi musicmaster, Sorry for previous explanation. Mentioned "one file" is exim.php. Prestools folder contains it, as well as copy_shopdata folder contains it and as I know copy_shopdata files should be copyed to prestools folder. Right? My question: Is it necessary to overwrite files exim.php or not? Thanks, R.
  11. Hi musicmaster, beforehand I have one more question, whether is it ok to replace one file when I am copying copy_shopdata files to prestools folder or should I keep the original one? Thanks, R
  12. Hi musicmaster, results are the same with script v0.20. Step by step –> (MAMP, Sequel Pro, macOS Sierra) 1) source data installed to root folder on localhost - language ID 2 (only one language active), database name: "1614old" 2) new installation PS 1614 installed to subfolder "1614" with database name "1614new", folder "prestools" with copy_shopdata files copied to "admin..." folder, localization (Slovak) imported and activated as ID 2, default language English ID 1 deactivated and erased 3) script started with .../1614/admin.../copy_shopdata.php 4) after whole process, source/old installation corrupted and the new one untouched, screenshot of localhost attached Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm not sure If I'm the only one, but after downloading latest version v0.19 of script copy_shopdata it doesn't work properly. I used previous versions multiple times and everything worked perfectly, but now after copy process the source (old one) database is corrupted and the new one is untouched. I've tried to move data on localhost from PS1614 –> PS1614 or from PS1614 -> PS16110 with same bad results. Thanks for any advice.
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