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  1. I have searched this forum over and over, there are replies to this same fault going back two years or more and still no great result. I have the same issue, whereby the friendly URLs work for everything on the site EXCEPT the CMS pages. Whenever I apply friendly URLs there are 404 errors for the CMS generated pages. Why does the friendly URL alteration effect the CMS pages and how do we fix it? I have looked at the past 'FIXED' posts that mention the .htaccess file and they suggest changest that aren't applicable to mine when I compare them. Surely, since this appears to be happening repeatedly, we can finally understand why the same issue keeps cropping up. It seems to be only limited to the CMS page rewrites.
  2. Thanks for your help. The 404 problem is gone and playing around a little more I found that the problem was, as you say, the 'friendly URL'. The only thing I have to figure out now is - what can be done to make friendly URLs work without bringing back the content error? Again, thanks so much for your help. I'm an absolute coding noob.
  3. www.lenamayjewellery.com.au. Sorry, should have included that at the start!
  4. Hoping for some assistance. A while ago I was adding a module and trying to get the settings right when I stumbled across a post in the forums here that said to 'clear the cache'. I did that and discovered that I'd wiped most of the work I'd done on the website. After I fixed it all up again (save, save, save) I went back to the forum and found out a number of posts later that someone had highlighted that you should leave the index files or you'll fry your website. Good advice! Wish I had read all the posts before getting started... Anyway, my issue at the moment is that every second time I try and load any of the CMS pages (About us, T&Cond, Contact us etc) at the bottom of the page I get a 404 error. So it might just be a rookie error but I can't figure out why it does it every second time. I thought I'd reversed all the damage, but clearly, I haven't. Please help, riddled with 404 errors. Version www.lenamayjewellery.com.au
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