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  1. Can you confirm that Lite edition for shure will be more quicker than community edition? Have you option "3 days trial version" - I need to be sure that Lite edition will be quicker than community edition.... When will you plan to release Lite edition?
  2. I think that 20sec waiting time (server don't answer and this is not from server reason) this is a bug....
  3. I have a big problem with coremanager (filtersearch). When I have only few products in shop - everything is ok (or if I work without of coremanager - filtersearch - for example on home/main site - nor category site). Now I have 500 items in shop and there is a problem with this module. When I try to enter to some category - server don't answer about 5-20 second (it depends from numbers of products in category, I've tested it on few servers) and only after this long long time - page started to load.... If I uninstall coremanager - everything is ok, page started to load immediately..... Some ideas? I need this filtersearch but time of loading page (preparing to load...) is not acceptable....
  4. Have a look at modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/views/filtersearch.tpl I didn't remember, but I think that the following divs may be responsible for this problem: div id="tleft" div id="tcenter" div id="tright" Try edit this divs in css file (modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/assets/filtersearch.css) or you should edit css theme file too, because filtersearch is inside of container of your theme... It's hard to help when I see only little graphic and I can only guess what this graphic exactly shows....
  5. In free edition you can't edit price ranges in backend. In free edition you can do this only in php file modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/filtersearch.module.php.
  6. Please read post 147-149 in this topic (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/46247/P135/#241195). I think that this is not a bug, only the same situation as then...
  7. Maybe you can change font-family in h3? Now you use very wide font-family, maybe try another (not so wide..)
  8. I don't know what is "grid view"? If you thinking about few items in one line ect - I think you should edit at least two files using new html and css code: modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/views/product-list.tpl modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/assets/filtersearch.css But if you will change product-list.tpl probably you must edit another files too, because "product-list view" for examle will not fit to "sortby-tabs view" and "filter view".... Maybe you will have to edit some theme files too, because probably everything is connected, I don't remember... There isn't any other way to do this in one minute. Of course I know only community edition of filtersearch. Maybe in comercial edition you can find solution, I don't know it....
  9. In file: ../modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/assets/filtersearch.css you should edit code in two location: 1) .filterSearchModule ul li a (line 64 - price range name) 2) .filterSearchModule form (line 25 - products count) changing or adding for example: font-size:9px; I don't remember if this is deafult name, I hope yes :-)
  10. If this Enterprise edition has the same bugs as Community Edition regarding to "price ranges" (I've wrote about it in post #144, and other users has the same problem: post #160 and #161 ) or you've fix it?
  11. 1. Did you transplant it - for example - to left column? 2. Maybe you have the same problem like a few posts above (post 153)?
  12. You should edit css file (modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/assets/filtersearch.css)
  13. In my opinion it is correct. I have the same. Can you check if you have the same bugs like me (reg. price ranges)? I wrote about two of hem a few post above.... Ejectore remains silent so I need solve this problem myself...
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