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  1. Thx for info I guess I have to update prestashop I am using Version and no option like that....
  2. Yeah I totaly agree with u. there should be just one button to upgrade....
  3. Hello guys n girls The quetion is: How to make prise drops? sample: http://www.balticart.com/prices-drop.php thx for any answers...
  4. Hello guys n girls! I have quetio? How to Manage Multiple Google Maps API keys? If I have 2 domain names... It works only on one domain sameple: http://www.balticart.lv/contact-form.php and http://www.balticart.com/contact-form.php This kind a Post was not on forum so I hope it would help ather ppl to... Thx for any answer.
  5. Hello guys and girls.... maybe samone know in what file is this: $this->load->library('email'); $config['useragent'] = 'Code-Igniter-Mailer-^^' $config['mailtype'] = 'text' $config['validate'] = TRUE; $config['protocol'] = 'smtp' $config['smtp_host'] = 'localhost' $config['newline'] = "\r\n"; $this->email->initialize($config); $this->email->initialize($config); $this->email->from('[email protected]', 'Your Name'); $this->email->reply_to('[email protected]', 'Your Name'); $this->email->to('[email protected]'); $this->email->subject('Email Subject'); $this->email->message('Your Message Here.'); $this->email->send(); Thx a lot.
  6. thx a lot m8 I saw everything what needs to be deleted but I cant fine were the file is located on my FTP hmm in Chrome dont show location thats to bad. maybe any Idea what file I need to open to change it? thx thx thx a lot
  7. Hi I cant understand about this gap were can I take it out any Idea? I made screenshot in attachement Thx a lot for helping...
  8. well basickly its not a e-shop if custumer cant buy. mmmm anyone can help me pliz?
  9. Hi. I was cheking in forum but didnt see this topic: Customer cannot add bank acount. well thats the problem I got. I just installed all, and made a little changes thats all. maybe I need to instal same kind of modul? I have installed allready: *Bank Wire v0.4 *Cheque v2.2 *PayPal v1.6 Thx for any help.
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