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  1. Спасибо! Спас мои нервы! Работает на!
  2. I update me prestashop store many times so today I find in my database this: UNIQUE KEY `id_product_2` (`id_product`,`id_shop`,`id_shop_group`,`id_currency`,`id_country`,`id_group`,`id_customer`,`id_product_attribute`,`from_quantity`,`from`,`to`), And when I update-save_new product I have mesql error "duplicate KEY `id_product_2` ...." (only when active debug mode). In fresh install prestashop we dont have UNIQUE KEY `id_product_2` so we dont have error but we have duplicating product in "ps_specific_price" who have specific price from "ps_specific_price_rule". Now I am sure store slow only when update-save_new product. Now when I truncate "ps_specific_price_rule" saving-new and updating product little faster.
  3. My store is slow only when I save or update the product and it is sad for me... not critically but... And sometime when I save-update product I got error and MySql is reboot (as I understand it). Now when I truncate "ps_specific_price_rule" saving and updating product little faster. I truncate "ps_specific_price_rule" only today so I need some time to looking on my store to say for sure. Other parts of the store loadin fast usaly 0,5-1,5 second. Saving-updating product now around 6-10 second. Before I truncate "ps_specific_price_rule" I have 15-25+ second usually 20+ second. "Catalog price rules" is very comfortably but I cant use it while this issue is not fix. PS: sorry for my english
  4. I have prestashop I also have this problem too. Each time ONE product is updated, all reduction prices from table "ps_specific_price_rule" are inserted and duplicated into database. I have 4000 product with reduction from table "ps_specific_price_rule" so when I update for example 10 product my table "ps_specific_price" is grow on 40000. Now I truncate table "ps_specific_price_rule" and check for solution...
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