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  1. Hi guys: I encountered this problem when I tried to move the whole website to a new hosting provider. I solved the problem by completely removing all the cached files inside the cache/cachefs and cache/smarty folders. Hope this might work for others as well.
  2. Thanks El Patron, now i understand why it happens. i removed the Chinese yuan and it works. but why the currency restriction from paypal? anyways,have to live with it.
  3. i am trying to setup my website for accepting payment from China. i used the PayPal USA and Canada module, and it has no problem directing to paypal website if i use a canadian or u.s. address, but when i use a china address, the paypal is giving an error message. (see attached screen shot). anyone has any idea why this is happening? any help is appreciated. the website is http://perfumelet.com. paypal error message when purchasing using a chinese address.bmp
  4. thanks for responding. i am aware of the BO operation, minifying html, css etc., my question is: is it possible to minify prestashop itself. e.g. for a function name like ControllerCore, do a find and replace and make it CC ( just to make the function name shorter) or whatever shorthand you might think of throughout the whole prestashop codebase; if all the variable names, function name etc., are changed in this way, i believe the whole prestashop download size might be reduced by 1/3(i guess?), and since the php interpreter wouldn't have to read longer function names and variable names into its memory, the performance would be improved, i guess?...
  5. i am not sure whether my question will appear stupid or not. when i look into the prestashop source codes, i find all these expressive long name of variables, function names, etc., which is really great, as it helps one to understand the inner workings of prestashop. but i am also aware that such long names will, collectively, reduce the loading speed of prestashop? i know that in the javascript world, they use minifiers, uglifiers etc., to reduce the size of the source file in order to improve performance, wouldn't it be the same if we minify the prestashop codebase in the same manner(provided that it still works, of course:)). just a thought, hope to provoke something thinking and get some responses from similar, performance and speed minded prestashop users.
  6. You will need to go into your theme's folder, find the file named "category.tpl" and modify it.
  7. Thanks. I checked the ps_image table, and found that starting from image_id 8, the product_id has jumped by 1, so that image_id 8 corresponds to product_id 9, and etc., id_lang seems normal....I don't know how to interpret these results, as I reasoned: since image_id up to 7 all matches, if the problem lies here, then after enabling seo, at least product 1-7 should have no problem in displaying the image, but it turns out that it's not the case. I am still at a loss.
  8. Thanks for your response. In the back office, everything works fine. The product is not entered one by one, instead, it's imported in bulk, and everything is fine there as well, the product pictures are showing when I view products in the back office. I am investigating the issue myself, by comparing the page source. I noticed that when the seo is disabled, the <img tag is pointing to different url compared to that when the seo is enable. For example: on the 1st page of Makeup, the <img src is something like this: <img src="http://perfumelet.com/img/p/4/0/0/4/4004-home_default.jpg" alt="" height="180px" width="200px">. When seo is enabled, the <img src becomes:<img src="http://perfumelet.com/4004-home_default/bare-escentuals-cleanser-110-ml-quick-change-brush-cleanser-for-women.jpg" alt="" height="180px" width="200px">. Obviously it's not pointing to the same folder. I think this must be an issue with the class file, but I don't know where to look for it in the code. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Thanks vekia, I have turned on the seo features, the women category has products. Kindly tell me what you think.
  10. Thanks Polaram and vekia, for responding and offering help. I tried the method recommended by vekia, regenerating .htaccess file, but it doesn't work. I have attached 2 images here, one is before turning on seo, another is after turning on the seo. the website link is: http://perfumelet.com.
  11. Hi: I don't know whether anyone else has encountered the same problem. Help is appreciated. I am using Prestashop Afte finishing everything, I turned on the SEO friendly url feature, and suddenly, all the product images are not showing in the front office any more. In the back end, when I check the product page, all products are still there, with images. I turned off the seo feature, then I am able to see the product images again. Why?
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