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  1. You need an FTP client like Filezilla see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF_5wQG6O7U There are plenty of youtube tutorials that will guide you through the process good luck
  2. Hello Nick, Just like Vekia said it will depend on your CSS and template construction I'm new to presta myself so I haven't got around to fully customising a store yet, I'm trying to keep to the default style as much as I can bar colours, grid view and other minor details just so I can get the site up and working asap Good luck Marty
  3. Hello, Have you checked your products additional shipping cost per item? Whatever products you have selected to buy, via the BO go to the >>> product >>> shipping and check the "additional shipping cost per item" box one of your selected products must have $2.01 in the additional shipping cost per item box Hope this helps Marty
  4. Hello Nick The simplest way to get around this is to re-size the picture I have my logo set to a height of 70pixels On your computer find your logo, right click on it and open it in paint and then re-size it Hope this helps Marty
  5. Thank you peoples i was ripping my hair out looking for it in the code, i think ive been working to long today. Much appreciated cheers
  6. Hi Everyone Where can I edit the text contained in the blockReinsurance text i.e. "Free Shipping" headings and that I have looked everywhere, almost Can anyone point me in the right direction? Best regards Martyn
  7. I think I have it now, I will copy the entire folder and its contents over to the themes directory to ensure the CSS files have all the supporting files they require Thanks again Marty
  8. Hello Vekia, Thanks for the reply, I done that and deleted the core CSS file, it broke the top menu of the site, which led me to ask my last question. So really any CSS, TPL or JS file that is modified for a theme, in interest of good practice should be copied to the theme folder under the same directory as the core file? Thank you for your help, i will get there eventually Marty
  9. Hi Everyone, When I create a new theme, within the modules folder there is no "blockTopMenu" folder within the directory C:\xampp\htdocs\ROOTFOLDER\themes\eggs\modules To ensure I dont loose the CSS file that I have modified at the next update I created the blockTopMenu folder within the above directory and copied the CSS file accross to it Is this the done thing? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated Marty
  10. Hi Nemo, I was working on removing the "Free Shipping" statement within the cartBlock using your tutorial http://nemops.com/hide-shipping-cost/ (Worked a treat thank you for that). I noticed that you were editing theme folders whereas up until then I had been editing the core files I will now copy all my edited core files to my themes folder to ensure I don't loose them at the next update. Thank you Marty
  11. Hello, I am a bit confused as to what is the best directory to edit blockModules in? I can see and understand that certain child blockModules will only affect certain themes when edited in the sub themes folder i.e. C:\xampp\htdocs\ROOTFOLDER\themes\eggs\modules heres the but If you only have one website in the root folder is it not best to edit the blockModules at the parent folder? i.e. C:\xampp\htdocs\ROOTFOLDER\modules Im just trying to understand the logic behind this configuration as the themes\eggs\modules folder does not contain as many blockModules? Thanks Marty
  12. Check this out its close to what you are looking for http://nemops.com/hide-shipping-cost/ courtesy of Nemo1
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