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  1. (UPDATE) If you want to use different images on category cover and categories thumbnail you need to upload the images at the same time. If you try to upload a thumbnail and then delete the cover category image you will get a NO IMAGE AVAILABLE default image, even having a thumbnail image on the category. (MY GOAL) Have a thumbnail for every category but not show any on the interior of the category (the cover) even if I had to upload one to show the desired image as thumbnail. Please Moderators, HELP HERE!!
  2. I see you remove the image from your subcategories. I guess you don't find any way to had different images in categories and subcategories, I'm trying to have only on subcategories but doesn't work unless I put a cover category image which I don't want. Moderators...any help here? Btw this is the example: http://www.stampspr.com/4-self-inked-stamps
  3. i have similar problems but already had create products just i cant edit anything i dont change nothing since april 4
  4. Dont work for me, but im already take few orders using only Express Checkout (always back to /order?step=3 even using OPC), is confusing but if the client click again on PayPal Logo redirect to a confirmation page.
  5. Ok I unistalled Prestashop this morning (i found import options no matter what you import just create categories) I'm just installing it again but set country as US not Puerto Rico...now this is happening (maybe sounds crazy but is how is working now) costumers select Express Checkout, complete the process and return to my website (with items on cart), then they have to click PayPal logo again to have a confirmation page without leaving my website (weird but they had confirmation number and the orden appears as valid order on PayPal and Back Office) Now using PayPal Standard...no order is created, they receive 404 as return page with the products still on the cart. If i use PayPal Standard without Express Checkout the error is this one (don't blame PayPal): "We're Sorry, PayPal doesn't allow residents of United States to ship purchases to Puerto Rico" I lost my hope this morning, PayPal Module its a total FAIL (worst... Certified by Prestashop)
  6. Que navegador estas usando? A mi no me funciona Explorer muy bien que digamos hasta se cuelgan las páginas a cada rato (bastante seguido). Prueba entrar al back office desde otro navegador, yo por eso cambie a Chrome y aunque el módulo de experiencia comercial no se ve todo lo demás funciona nítido, bueno con excepción de PayPal que me tiene sin recibir pagos.
  7. Han intentado sobrescribir el modulo con el de la instalación? Yo siempre trato eso cuando algo que se suponía funcionara bien no lo hace ya que eso módulos se instalan solos y mi hosting (GoDaddy) no es el más recomendado para Prestashop.
  8. I do that and pass even create the order without payment confirmation and the return page always was 404 (in sandbox) but when i go live (with live credentials) appears the US bs* after clients sign on PayPal. Now i have 2 problems - no payments and no order confirmation.
  9. Who can help me?! I willing to pay, seriously every hour that pass I'm losing many leads. I have many things on HOLD (flyers, email marketing, etc..) because clients can't pay, this is frustrating.
  10. Yo estoy haciendo los diseños de las mías, pero me paso lo mismo, des-habilita el cache y reinicie el modulo. después de eso lo más seguro puedes ver las imágenes. Suerte!
  11. Ohh me refería a hacer estando dentro del modulo (recién lo reinstales) un bookmark o favorite tab (acceso rápido o directo) en tu navegador ya sea chrome, firefox o explorer. ejemplo: http://inbusmarket.com/tuadmin/index.php?controller=AdminModules&token=bfbc72ed532e9127b1b36877f90c848c&configure=blockcmsinfo&conf=12 lo guardas y cuando vayas a cambiar ese modulo entras desde el favorito de tu navegador (no desde módulos) Se que no es la solución más profesional pero funciona
  12. Antes que nada desactiva en el Back Office esto: Administrador/Preferencias -> Automatically check for module updates Después: Borra la carpeta [blockcmsinfo] de: root/modules y tambíen de themes/default-bootstrap/modules Cierra sección en Back Office o borra las cookies, para que no te salga otra vez la versión 1.1. En la carpeta de instalación buscas bajo modules [blockcmsinfo] y copias toda la carpeta en: root/modules (solamente ahí) Luego inicias sección, lo instalas y por defecto te tira dentro del modulo para que edites su contenido. (IMPORTANTE: Haz un bookmark una vez dentro del modulo porque a mi me sucedió que cuando volví a módulos no me dejaba configurar el modulo solo actualizarlo)
  13. I have the same problem but products still on cart and costumers pay twice because they think the payment goes bad. Then they recive 2 confirmation payment from PayPal.
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