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  1. Where can I buy your module? I'm having trouble finding it on your website.
  2. I desperately need to do this as well, but I need the links to be different for each product. Any chance that's possible?
  3. Wow, awesome! You should definitely hit me up when you get here, I play in a local band and am very familiar with the underground music scene
  4. It's finally there! I didn't realize I had to put the reference code inside the <span> code. Thank you so much for your help Regards
  5. Nothing appears to be happening, whether I create the code in global.css or cleantheme.css.. Do I need to do something afterwards to reset to the new code? Thank you so much for your help!
  6. I'm sorry if I sound incredibly ignorant, but where in the global.css file do I create the code?
  7. I've been having this problem, where some product's description is changing positions and overlapping the price on product list pages. The problem is only occurring with a handful of products, but is rather annoying. I've attached a picture that shows how it should look, and how it shouldn't look. Advance thanks for any help at all! Regards
  8. The advanced stock management is currently disabled. I use PrestaShop v. Regards
  9. I'm trying to update all of my product's stock using a CSV import. So I import the CSV, and everything seems to have gone according to plan. When I check the Catalog>Products list, the Quantity column displays the new quantities. However, when I open up a single product and head down to Quantities, I can see the system hasn't changed the quantity at all. This is also visible in the front office, where products that should be appearing as "available" are displayed as "out of stock". I've spent the last couple of days trying to figure this out, and am literally starting to tear hair from my head out of frustration. So any help would be very very very much appreciated! Regards, Gotti
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