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  1. You can use this module to connect with PrestaShop and that payment provider.
  2. This PrestaShop payment module is designed for making credit card (Visa and MasterCard) payments through Public Bank Berhad (Malaysia). The payment gateway uses the redirection method where the user is redirected to the processing site (Public Bank) to make the actual payment. More information in this module: PrestaShop Public Bank
  3. It seems there are no products in the feed resulting in the error with the XML. Did you contact the seller?
  4. I have implemented the DataCash HPS method on PrestaShop recently, a safe solution for capturing credit card payments without having the need for SSL in your store.
  5. When I try to encode the php class file of a payment module that I developed with ionCube Pro PHP Encoder 7.0 I get following errors when trying to install the payment module: -parse error -class missing Same error occur when trying to use an encoded php class file of any default payment methods. Is it impossible to do so, or do I have to follow a certain routine to accomplish this? As an example following error occurs after encoding the standard included Ogone class file (attached). The following module(s) could not be loaded: ogone (parse error in /modules/ogone/ogone.php) ogone (class missing in /modules/ogone/ogone.php) ogone.php ogone_original.php
  6. Sorry for my English, in case you need a specific formed xml file, in another format than the ones already published on my site (webit.bz), please feel free to contact me (info at webit dot bz) and receive a sharp quote for it (no problem to write me in Spanish or any other language).
  7. Updated XML feeds for Skroutz.gr, 4uthesite.com, bestprice.gr, openstore.gr and ricardo.gr at webit.bz, more info
  8. Thank you for your tips Pagou, Maybe my choice for a .gr domain was not the best since I run a global business now and rather spend my time on development instead of translating my site in Greek, Chinese or Dutch (my native language). Point taken though, I might move to a .com to be more clear. Note that it is a one man show without any secreatries to answer phones and GUI speaking, the "contact" button in the topmenu of my site is there for no other reasons but to contact me for questions. If needed, I can communicate any issues by phone, if not, I prefer to communicate by e-mail and deal with everything on my own pace. I hope you can respect that choice. I've noticed your concerns before in this thread, but I have chosen to not respond on it before since it is a Greek language orientated thread and I didn't want to spoil it with my bad Greek or even with English language. For the rest, just contact me if you have any questions (site, pm, contact form, e-mail, phone after consulting) and I'll respond to it. If you don't feel up to it... I hope this thread will continue as it was meant to ... in Greek.
  9. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ και καλή Hμεριάνα Ανεξαρτησίας!
  10. I have developed payment gateways and other modules for osCommerce, Magento, Pretashop, Opencart etc. To make my life easy (with maintaining the modules), I have chosen to keep my works centralized. Besides to pay off my hosting I have implemented a small subscription fee to put up a (small) barricade for abusers and hackers (who have to register and pay through a valid Paypal account). In case this fee is too much of a risk for legitime user, I do not have any problem to provide the module for testing before subscribing. Further more, I don't have any problem to make a refund in case the module doesn't work as expected and I'm not able to fix this. For privacy reasons I can't provide you with links to live sites that have implemented these payment gateways, but if you want to test before subscribing, you know where to find me... Tom van der Veer
  11. It is not so hard to contact me for any questions regarding support, functionality, testing etc. through my sites contact form. Also, documentation is available within each modules package. The software is licensed, and the license agreement clearly doesn't allow distribution for whatever reason. I try to offer an economic solution that is in reach for everyone (and that pays of my hosting), preventing you to pay hundreds of euros for custom development. However, I have great concerns about safety and security for payment gateways that are (illegally) shared among forum members, and you should think twice before implementing a module obtained like that.
  12. Συγνώμη για τα ελληνικά μου, αλλά σας παρακαλώ να σημειώσετε ότι ο δημιουργός των εν λόγω μονάδων δεν παρέχει καμία εγγύηση, υποστήριξη και ενημέρωση για την παράνομη κοινού (αλλαγή) ενότητες.
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