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  1. Hi Xavier & the awesome PS Community! Thanks for sharing the interview and I hope it was (is) useful. Wishing everyone a GREAT 2015 ahead with lots of success. Cheers! 7PHP
  2. Hello. I have upgraded a prestashop system from version 1.4.x to latest 1.6. Now this process had a lot of impacts on the codes, modules and our custom themes..etc So we have been working on resolving all the issues for a week. Now we are left with a problem: The database back from PROD which was upgraded, now suffers from being "data outdated" as compared to the one on PROD right now. What I mean is that during those 1weeks, the PROD database has been having new singups and new orders..etc. QUESTION: I want to have a suggestion on how I could update my "upgraded pre-prod database" for it to still have the latest transactions of PROD? If I just do an import of the orders and clients from a date range and dump it, would this be the best option? Thanks! //Khayrattee
  3. Hi, I think you need to regenerate the images path, In your back-office (Admin), go to: Preferences > images > [Goto section: "Regenerate thumbnails] Then click "Regenerate Thumbnails" Note: You might want to see if any of the options on that page should be adjusted if this still does not work. For example, for me I chose to keep the "Use the legacy image filesystem" to off
  4. To know exactly what kind of issues and errors you are getting, find the file defines.inc.php which can be found here: /config/defines.inc.php Then open that files and find the line: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); replace the false with true as follows: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); Afterwards, reload your page and copy and paste the errors on the page here..
  5. Je confirme que la 2nd solution de jb_seriziat marche parfaitement! EN: I confirme that the 2nd solutio proposed by jb_seriziat, works nicely! //Khayrattee @7php
  6. An update: I went through the codes of the core in Mail::Send() I confirm it should be like this: / [modules] / [module_name] / mails / [lang_folder] / order_conf.html BUT, the templatePath is still showing the default: / mails / [lang_folder] / order_conf.html Any hint? I'm trying to debug this.. will report back when I find something. But if you drop by in here and have a hint, do make a comment Cheers!
  7. Did you modify anything in the code? If no, I think in your B.O you might have set the client name for the placeholder for your payment method's name..?
  8. Prestashop Version: 1.4.x I need to modify the core email template, for example order_conf.html and order_conf.html for a specific payment module. Option 1: Create the module name folder in themes likes this: - / themes / [theme_name] / [modules] / [module_name] / mails / [lang_folder] / order_conf.html And then I modify the template . OR is it like this: Option 2: - / [modules] / [module_name] / mails / [lang_folder] / order_conf.html Which is which?
  9. Awesome, I found the variable in PaymentModule::validateOrder() // Send an e-mail to customer '{payment}' => Tools::substr($order->payment, 0, 32)
  10. I'm just on my 2nd day with the code base of prestashop and I need to modify {payment} in Order Confirmation Email. I want to change the name of a specific payment method to something else (a more descriptive name) Prestashop version: 1.4.x Target: Order Confirmation Email In the B.O, this can be found here: Tools > Translations > Modify translations > E-mail template > Core e-mails > order_conf.html But I need to be able to manipulate the variable {payment} in there. Anyone knows where this variable is handled in the code?
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