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  1. still have this problem...anyone?
  2. well that is what im trying to make clear, i want to increase size of the area and dont know how i did it last time, it involved some css editing i thinkbut dunno what exactly
  3. what i meant was, my image is 1170px because thats the width of the website... my image used to cover the whole top and had the same width as the topmenu. Now it is sized down and i dont know how to enlarge it an remove the padding.
  4. I just updated to 1.609 and my header is messing with me again... how do i make it bigger and which paddings do i have to remove?
  5. thanks but i cant find the lines in my themes / theme / css / global.css file.. im using the blackhawk theme.. could that be why i cant find it?
  6. hi my website : http://www.studenthardware.nl/index.php has to much space between the logo and the home-bar thingy. how can i close the gap between these two? i want the shopping cart to move up a bit aswell. the top menu has too much space between it aswell. Any tips? i need to do this in global .css right? but where?
  7. well thats strange cause i haven touched them, they turned like this after me fixing the banner stuff
  8. i think i fixed everything now, thanks again. 1 problem though: http://www.airsoftlipo.com/index.php the featured product images go outside their boxes, what did i do wrong?
  9. global css located here? /domains/airsoftlipo.com/public_html/themes/default-bootstrap/css ? cant find the header bit. THANKS btw!!!! finally someone helped me
  10. Hi. my wwebsite is: http://www.airsoftlipo.com/index.php 1. I want to get rid of the white space above and under the headerlogo, where can i change this? 2. i want to remove the popular products/featured products displayed above my home text, but keep the featured products block under the hometextblock. 3. i have lost the right column, how can i get this back? thank you
  11. i still cant remove the upper featured product... i tried a lot things..
  12. now it should show twice...that was because i unhooked it from display home.. but i cant seem to unhook the top part...
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