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  1. Hi Luis. I'm very happy that you found it cool. Probably, product doesn't appear in the search module - because it needs to be inserted into one more table in database called ps_product_search or something similar. I'm not sure for this name but look for something like that. There are 'search indexes' and keywords for presta search engine so you need to add product to this table too. I forget to do this, but you can do it easily I think. Maybe in the future I'll write next version for this script to make it better. Ad.2 At this moment it's not possible to create categories from this code. It's hardcoded to insert product to desired category described by ID. Maybe in the future I'll add this function to script v2. Regards!
  2. Hello, Some days ago I've been looking for good method to import XML products into PrestaShop. I do found only modules with payment required, so I decided to write some small class to do this. XML reading code is not included, you have to do it on your own (eg. using SimpleXML built-in into php), but this class allows you to import products easily from any source like xml's, xls's or any format you want, because this simple code injects items directly into database. This is the first version only with several methods, but in the future it probably will be developed forward. Regards. PrestaProduct.class.php
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