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  1. no v suboroch prestashopu, but to mate na ftp alebo aj na localhoste najlepsie pouzit total commander a jeho vyhladavanie v texte zacal by som priecinkom modules mne to naslo v jednom module, a tu dobre vidno ze od 1.5 sa ta funkcia pouziva trochu inac if (version_compare(_PS_VERSION_, '1.5', '>')) { $this->context->controller->addJS(($this->_path).'blocklayered.js'); $this->context->controller->addJS(_PS_JS_DIR_.'jquery/jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js'); $this->context->controller->addJQueryUI('ui.slider'); $this->context->controller->addCSS(($this->_path).'blocklayered-15.css', 'all'); $this->context->controller->addJQueryPlugin('scrollTo'); } else { Tools::addJS(($this->_path).'blocklayered.js'); Tools::addJS(_PS_JS_DIR_.'jquery/jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js'); Tools::addCSS(_PS_CSS_DIR_.'jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.css', 'all'); Tools::addCSS(($this->_path).'blocklayered.css', 'all'); Tools::addJS(_PS_JS_DIR_.'jquery/jquery.scrollTo-1.4.2-min.js'); } takze by malo staci nahradit Tools::addCSS tymto: $this->context->controller->addCSS
  2. ja si myslim ze tam mate nejaky modul pre starsiu verziu a pouziva tuto funkciu, skuste najst text Tools::addCSS podobne ako tu http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/224282-deprecated-functions-modul-upgrade/ podla toho zistite co to je za modul
  3. frontcontroller nepomohol skus este pozriet toto http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/201246-solved-utf-8-bom-problem-wrong-display-in-ie/
  4. ja si myslim ze to bude hostingom skus to rozbehat na localhoste stiahni si appserver (php + mysql): http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/appserv/appserv-win32-2.5.10.exe?download najlepsie je testovat na locale...
  5. tak sprav tu istu upravu, co v tom commite https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/a7f6e91ac03baeadeacaeff9d34a57ec1cc6e466
  6. ani si to neskusil? kdyztak poskytnem svoj skript ktory nie je modul a na 1.4 by to malo ist (popripade po mensej uprave)
  7. si si isty ze pouzivas spravny header.tpl? kdyztak este posli oba subory FrontController.php
  8. http://stackoverflow...empty-in-chrome skus ulozit header.tpl ako UTF-8 bez BOM a na konci nad {HOOK_HEADER} mas <!--[if lt IE 8]><div style='clear:both;height:59px;padding:0 15px 0 15px;position:relative;z-index:10000;text-align:center;'><a href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx?ocid=ie6_countdown_bannercode"><img src="http://storage.ie6countdown.com/assets/100/images/banners/warning_bar_0000_us.jpg" border="0" height="42" width="820" alt="You are using an outdated browser. For a faster, safer browsing experience, upgrade for free today." /></a></div><![endif]--> divko by nemalo byt v head tagu
  9. choj do zlozky tej sablony a pozri sa na subor header.tpl
  10. in blocktopmenu.php is line: $smarty_cache_id = 'blocktopmenu-'.$this->page_name.'-'.(int)$this->context->shop->id.'-'.implode(', ',$this->user_groups).'-'.(int)$this->context->language->id.'-'.(int)Tools::getValue('id_category').'-'.(int)Tools::getValue('id_manufacturer').'-'.(int)Tools::getValue('id_supplier').'-'.(int)Tools::getValue('id_cms').'-'.(int)Tools::getValue('id_product'); I dunno why is it like this, why always recompile it, when it doesnt change, maybe if u got some links that are not visible for some group, then let there just user_groups I changed it to: $smarty_cache_id = 'blocktopmenu';
  11. je to to iste ako spravit pre heureku overeno zakazniky - tiez sa posielaju udaje o objednavke po jej vykonani takze je to dost jednoduche ... na tom budem prave pracovat zajtra a ak by to fungovalo tak by som mohol pomoct
  12. ja mam spraveny skript na aktualizaciu skladu, ktory sa spusta cronom ak to bude len jednoducha uprava tak to za nejaku 100ku poslem ... alebo nejake pivo v prahe
  13. http://presta.4allsh...mobile_theme_ok but its only in czech I tried also another website and the error was same, oh and mine is version
  14. When I want to choose order carrier on mobile device using 5 page checkout, the radio button doesnt change because theres a error on onchange event: unknown reference updateExtraCarrier , that funcion is in onchange event when smarty variable $opc is false, the function updateExtraCarrier is in cart-summary.js but its not in $js_files if ($this->context->getMobileDevice() == false) according to ParentOrderController i solved it by adding condition in whether mobile_device is true: onchange="{if $opc}updateCarrierSelectionAndGift();{elseif $mobile_device==false}updateExtraCarrier('{$key}', {$id_address});{/if}"
  15. It works, but even after creating index on link_rewrite column in category_lang and product_lang table, it slowes down rendering time by 5 seconds...got 500 categories and 20000 products
  16. what purpose has this validation? public static function isCatalogName($name) { return preg_match('/^[^<>;=#{}]*$/u', $name); } it doesnt allow me to import product with those charecters in name, im thinking about just returning true, but dunno if it can corrupt something
  17. if you import images via http upload them via ftp to prestashop, change absolute adress to relative in csv, it was like 2x faster for me then because import uses php copy funtion
  18. does those products names contains an of these characters> ^<>;=#{} ?
  19. vyzera to ze nie, ale tak asi vsetko co ten shop robi je spravene v triedach a metodach takze staci hladat v kode, neni to tak zlozite
  20. aha tak v triede Category je staticka metoda: Category::regenerateEntireNtree(); takze skus: include(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/init.php'); a potom ju zavolat
  21. Nevalidny XML subor, pozri sa do zdrojoveho kodu
  22. $lang=(int)Context::getContext()->language->id; $p=Product::getProducts($lang,$start,$step,'id_product','desc', false,true); // ceština je v databázi zapsaná pod číslem 3 $products=Product::getProductsProperties($lang,$p); // ceština je v databázi zapsaná pod číslem 3 //print_r($products); foreach ($products as $row) { $img=Product::getCover($row['id_product']); $image = new Image($img['id_image']); $image_url = _PS_BASE_URL_._THEME_PROD_DIR_.$image->getExistingImgPath().".jpg"; . . .
  23. I did this: INSERT INTO `ps_customer_group` (id_customer,id_group) SELECT id_customer,3 FROM ps_customer WHERE id_customer NOT IN (SELECT id_customer FROM `ps_customer_group`)
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