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  1. Having trouble upgrading prestashop sites with the one click upgrade. sites are upgrading to the latest 1.7 [ERROR] /home/ "PRESTA INSTALL file" /public_html/ admin******* /autoupgrade/latest/prestashop does not exist or is not a directory. any ideas on what is wrong here? Activity log shows... Database backup: 57 table(s) left... Database backup done in filename V1.5.6.3_20190523-231556---. Now upgrading files... Nothing has been extracted. It seems the unzipping step has been skipped.
  2. jimmyc

    Paypal error

    BTW i realised cURL was not working as an error in the modules tab of the back office. Don't know why i missed it but the error was clear as day. ERROR - PayPal: In order to use your module, please activate cURL (PHP extension) After that i contacted hosting support and the above comment shows the issue and solution.
  3. jimmyc

    Paypal error

    Just fixed it for others here is what my host said.... It looks like EasyApache was not allowing the module to work as there was an update available, as odd as that is. I applied the update and I am once again able to see the cURL extension listed on http:// my site /phpinfo.php, previously it was not showing up. This should resolve the issue across all your sites, not just mysite .com, but take a look and let me know if you see an issue still. thanks for the reply tuk66
  4. jimmyc

    Paypal error

    hmm same problem on 2 sites on the server "Making new connection to 'api-3t.paypal.com/nvp' Connect failed with fsockopen method" after clicking the pay with paypal button. Did anyone find a solution?
  5. ok so found a blank space in the index.php file code. fix was to deleted the space in the code. edited the file in notepad++ (plus plus) and saved the file Back on track now.
  6. Not sure if any have experiences this. Any help appreciated as the site is broken. No changes have been made to themes or site so it's got me a little confused. User login page eg http://mysite.net/my-account is white blank with the error code as follows Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/username/public_html/index.php:2) in /home/username/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 182 Home page shows with a header warning as follows... (not sure if related also) Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/username/public_html/index.php:2) in /home/username/public_html/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 756 prestashop version the files in the error message are posted below. index.php FrontController.php Tools.php
  7. Curious about the progress on this one. Subbing. If anyone has tested It would be good to hear about it.
  8. Hi thanks for the assist so far. Seems the issue is with the stats tables getting too large on the older ps causing slow queries i think. Still working on it ATM just have so much work atm so i have been held back. Will update the problem sites are about 300 products and 7000- 1600 customers each. so stats tables are growing too large i think. I am working on figuring out how to disable and clear most stats tables without loosing monthly sales data and customers and orders etc. We did not update to latest version as it is problematic for us with many paypal errors in 1.6 with paypal not returning the order back to the site so order pages are empty sometimes. Lately it is ok so prehaps something is happening on paypals end. Plus that upgrade is a bit effort for me time wise. To be continued...
  9. Ok so it is fresh install? I would enable the error reporting and then see what errors show when accessing the front office. Yeah those guys are the best. Cheers
  10. Also some details on the upgrade from what version to what version might be of assistance posting here. You can try posting a new thread with more details on the issues eg blnk white page after upgrading from version 1.4.8 to 1.5 XX in the past i have found upgrading to the latest - best 1.4 or 1.5 then going to the next version again after that has a better success rate eg rather than going fom a buggy 1.4 to the latest 1.5. Go from your current 1.4 to the latest 1.4 then to 1.5 (or whatever) in two one click updates.
  11. You can try rolling back then upgrading again - that resolved errors for me once. Make sure you have full backups. Also check your chache off and try that. Also if you can turn on error reporting first before trying any of that. It will probably give you some errors you can google to see what issues others have had. I would do that first. here is a good guide for that. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/224525-how-to-turn-on-error-reporting-for-debug-information/ The community here is pretty good at helping out.
  12. Hosting package dedicated Inmotion Hosting cPanel Version 11.44.1 (build 18) Theme x3 Apache version 2.2.22 PHP version 5.2.17 MySQL version 5.1.73-cll Architecture x86_64 Operating system linux Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl Perl version 5.8.8 Kernel version 2.6.18-371.9.1.el5 cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1) the problem has always existed on and off, However it was fairly intermittent and probably went unnoticed for a while as it probably rebooted and we didn't realise. Lately we began to notice it more often after moving the main domain to a new cpanel install as the main joomla website was removed and changed to a word press install. The heavy use sites are preadashops though. The exact cause of all issue is really a mystery though. We had assumed that bad bots were crashing the server, however after blocking most bots we are still experiencing issues. Our hosting provider has said it is many different things. So a consistent answer on the issue is difficult as they say to contact a dev to fix the issue. The main thing we assumed to be the issue at first was after upgrading one presta site, memcache failed on one of the 1.5 prestashops. Previously memcache was running well on the server and it was also suggested by the hosting co that it might be that using a different caching system in the updated ps sites combined with the older presta sites running on memcache means the caching systems were not working well together. When the server crashes quite often a table or 2 on 2 other (Non presta) sites break and have to be repaired (not every time though). Its gets messy.
  13. I have a dedicated server with inmotion and i'm looking for someone competent with server management to help locate an issue that causes the server to crash. Some form of memory leak is suspected, as restarting sql keeps the server alive/prevents crashing. The crashes are daily unless we restart sql regularly. The server has about 5 prestashops, one word press one joomla and a phpprobid site that are currently active. If anyone can refer us to a competent dev to help resolve the issue that would be appreciated. Also any general advice would be appreciated. We have a few issues with ps in the latest incarnation, however it has come to our attention that server issues may be the contributing factor and need to eliminate them first. Thanks
  14. No - the internal one click update. I just went through and updated a bunch of products for the client. Still got some errors (perhaps 1 in 15 products), but clicking through the pages and saving got me to a successful result after the 2nd or 3rd attempt. FYI. All products eventually saved ok though. We use a certified Prestashop host .
  15. Not sure how i turned memcache back on after my update. But i guess old habits die hard. I recommend not using memcache beyond 1.6 prestashop if you have any issues. It seems to be a main cause of issues for any of the updated sites i manage.
  16. so here is my update to this issue that worked for me. It just got worse and worse. Turned on error reporting.... error on product price pag4e = white screen and error /home/ /public_html/classes/cache/CacheMemcache.php on line 156 I disabled memcache to file system cache and cleared the cache (top right corner of the Advanced parameters - performance poge in presta stopped all blank white screens and and i could update products and save correctly after that. Hope this might assist someone
  17. Similar error here /home/ /public_html/classes/cache/CacheMemcache.php on line 156 I disabled memcache to file system cache and cleared the cache (top right corner of the Advanced parameters - performance poge in presta stopped all blank white screens and and i could update products and save correctly after that.
  18. geting the same issue here sometimes the error is 2 errors Products must be in at least one category. This product must be in the default category. Sometimes the 3 errors mentioned earlier after changing saving methods and other times a white blank screen with no updates made we are trying to change the carrier and for that simple change and no others we get the 3 errors have multilingual with about 5 languages. One thing we have on these products that we do not have on other products without these issues is lots of product attributes. Not as many as we like either but always had problems with to many. The problem seems to be back with updates to 1.6 and trying to edit products with more that a nominal number of attributes (now called combinations) we have the equivalent of say 5 teeshirt sizes and about 18 designs. Perhaps combinations are something to do with it. The website was one click updated from 1.4 latest to 1.5 latest to trouble shooting right now If i notice any other pertinent points i will mention that also shortly.
  19. We get this error also. It is a prestashop that was updated from 1.4 to 1.6 (in 2 increments from 1.4 to the latest 1.4 then to 1.6 I think) using the one click update method each time to update. The error also occurs on new and old products. We noticed it when trying to change the shipping methods allowable. This link_rewrite field is required at least in English (English) Products must be in at least one category. This product must be in the default category.
  20. Me also how to remove old cart records in the bo if possible to help clean the database. If that is recommended or not also. we do not want to delete the olde orders, Just the unprocessed carts if it will help reduce the database. Cheers.
  21. Hi everyone. After experiencing some crashes and issues i have been on a search for the best ways to reduce the database and optimise prestashop. I am starting this thread for any contributors to comment and add recommend ways to optimize their sites. Possibly the most common thing i have found can be summarized by this post on an independent website. I would like to ask any prestashop pros out there if this is safe practice, after a database backup of course. AND if there are any measures we can take to help speed up the our prestashop stores. It would also be good to know what data we will lose by emptying these tables in myphp admin. Eg Will our monthly sales records and customers past orders be safe from discarding the massive build up of these tables. I have also noticed in some versions of 1.5 ps that using the "Auto-clean period" setting is not cleaning these tables. So, for some, backing up and updating sites can cause heavy loads and issues with these large tables present. Thanks for any assistance to anyone who can contribute to this thread and keeping prestashop stores running efficiently. .
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