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  1. Can anyone give some advise on how to correct this? Thanks
  2. I am using prestashop everything works fine in IE and Chrome but when i add an item tothe cart in firefox is says cart empty. I tried to empty cache and delete cookies but still not working. Correction adding item in firefox is not working
  3. i Used one click install from bluehost do i still need to change file and folder permissions?
  4. Ok i figured out how to change folder permissions do i need to change all of them or just certain ones? Thanks
  5. I did not make any changes to permissions, what ever they were set to as the default. maybe this is the problem.Where would i make changes to edit them? Administration tab under permissions?
  6. attached are my performance settingsPrestashop Performance.pdfNot sure if it makes a diffrence with this problem but i did install APC PECL on my server as well as Gzip in my .htaaccess file
  7. yes I am using the default template, I used Presta theme maker to make some minor changes but nothing custom and no custom or additional modules. I can give you a screen shot but are you looking for advanced under performance tab in the front office?
  8. I really do not want to rebuild my shop if I can avoid it but I will if it the only solution to the problem. Thanks
  9. Ben, Can you give me any guidance on how I might go about repairing the issues I am having with my categories? Thanks
  10. No I have been trying to get my shop working for a couple of months and had just been plagued with problems, very slow store as well as many other issues, I have deleted my data base and rebuilt my store several times. so what i did the last time i loaded Prestashop was to delete all the default data from my template and ticked the find and fix functionality errors before i started to load products. All the products loaded fine but when I completed the loading of products and categories and tested the categories this was the error i received. I have tried to delete the categories block and reinstall and that did not work. I found that if i delete my smarty cache the categories will work just until the cache reloads the data. I also found if i click on the manufacturer the products for that manufacturer will load just fine. I could really use some help on this. my store is www.4gmarine.com thanks for any help you can give. I am on a VPS server with Bluehost
  11. Hello, I started with a fresh template and used the Perstashop cleaner to delete all default data. I also used the fix functionality errors. When my products and categories were loaded my categories return errors, None of them work. I have 16000 products on my store. can anyone help? This is the error when clicking on a category [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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