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  1. One Page Checkout Suggestions

    Thank you for the input. While that module has a lot of fantastic options, the billing/shipping address function are quite confusing. There needs to be a "billing and shipping address are the same" button or something. The less that needs to be entered...the better.
  2. One Page Checkout Suggestions

    I am looking to upgrade my one page checkout and was curious about what other Prestashop users are using. I purchased a one page checkout module from the Prestashop store but found its even more confusing and inefficient as the 5-step checkout included with Prestashop. I've also seen a drop in shopping cart conversions.
  3. It seems like neither my UPS or USPS real-time shipping modules are working properly. I know shipping has always been an issue since I started using Prestashop but at one point, I had some functionality. Does anyone else have any issues or information about possible changes in APIs, functioning, etc.? Also, both of these items call out to other sites. What has to be open on the server to ensure they work properly? Thank you. Jonathan
  4. Just realized mine is not working any longer either. Not sure if API was changed and module wasnt updated or other failure. What did you find?
  5. It ended up being a php.ini setting issue! Thanks to everyone who chimed in! PHP's max_execution_time setting has a high value or is disabled entirely (current value: 259200 seconds) [08-Sep-2017 19:58:16 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 21383952 bytes) in /home/888888/public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/Upgrader.php on line 106
  6. It has worked fine before but we are also having the server settings checked. The only thing we recently changed was the php to 7.0. It fails instantly upon downloading the package and gives the error above. We have everything turned off (or to "no"). I am going to check if the 1-click module needs updated. Jonathan
  7. When using 1-click upgrade and downloading Prestashop.... Analyzing the situation...Shop deactivated. Now downloading... (this can take a while)[Ajax / Server Error for action download] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Internal Server Error " jqXHR: " "
  8. Categories Block & Hooks

    Are there hooks available for the manufacturer pages?
  9. How to set up PayPal USA advanced

    Good luck with this! I havent had Paypal working since using Prestashop and no solution has been offered. I talked with PayPal in depth also and they said the 3rd party module hasnt worked for a long time. You would think they would have a module of their own for Prestashop but it's probably not a money-making cart. Solution? ...another cart.
  10. Selling Prestashop & Modules

    @michael No, I am just considering selling store structure: template, modules and cart. I would export all data to another platform.
  11. Selling Prestashop & Modules

    I am sure it is probably addressed somewhere and I missed it but are we able to sell our store and modules? I am assuming it cant be sold here but I remember (back in the day) x-cart used to allow you to sell your built stores. Of course all data would be removed and just structure of store, theme and modules would remain.
  12. Prestashop Module store

    This is actually just a simple issue but quite large when you consider the impact of cart abandonment. Imagine going to buy an item because of an advertised price (in this case Google search and Prestashop search display) only to find at checkout, the price of the item is not the same and goes up. I have backed out of purchasing items multiple times from the Prestashop store because of this exact issue. How can you offer a viable ecommerce solution and your own store violates basic pricing principles?
  13. @ Paws, If you are missing alt tags, you can manually add them via products, search for a paid module that does what you require or try to set up a table import through MyPHP using the product name, id, etc.
  14. Prestashop Beta

    Just upgraded to the newest version. Got a javascript warning and it looked like 1-click upgrade didnt complete but looks like it did. , Hit F5, checked admin and store, and seems to be functioning still (that's a good thing).