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  1. Hi, I'm having this annoying issue where if I search for an attribute value under a group, after hitting enter or the search button, it redirects me to the original list of attribute groups. I have to click on that attribute group (where i searched) again to see the search results. If I search another value in a group, it again redirects me to the attribute group list and I have to click on that group again to see the results... and so forth. Its not a major issue as it works, but super annoying when I'm trying to search existing values within a certain group. I know for a fact in previous versions of PS searching within a group showed results in that group without kicking me back to the main group list. I'm on PS v1.6.1.2 btw. Please let me know if there is a solution to this redirect issue. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Is this a custom module? If its the Block Contact Info... try editing /modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl Look for a line of code similar to the following: <h4 class="title_block">{l s='Contact us' mod='blockcontactinfos'}</h4> In this example, change 'Contact us' to 'Something Different' Let me know if this works or doesn't Thanks!
  3. Hi, Glad you got 1 thing figured out. As for the other Fatal error... I'm not sure as my experience is limited. However, going through a bit of info, the PrestaShopLogger is class that logs errors into the db and emails you if the severity is high (or as it is set). So with that in mind, first, can you see if you have this class file in your installation? Check to see if this file exists - /classes/PrestaShopLogger.php Then can you see if you can access the logs page in the backoffice? In the BO, go to Advanced Parameters > Logs ... can you access the page? Is there a list of messages? Also, please see if your host sees any errors on your server logs... it may be a memory issue. Like if PS is trying to write a log to the db but its taking too long or runs out of memory in their logs it may show a 500 internal server error. In this case, they will need to increase php memory for you. Quick question... where is the error occurring? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Sorry I must have missed this post... did you get it resolved? So I noticed in your last post you provided the url. Having viewed the page, you are trying to get rid of the "NEW" label, and only show the "SALE" label? If you still need assistance, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Yep, I'm interested in knowing more about this feature as well. I couldn't find anything in the docs and I have posted before but with no replies. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Quick question... So with SSL enabled but Force SSL disabled, when you go to a category page (or any page with the issue) is there a https or http in the url. In another words, if the page shouldn't be forced to SSL is it still trying to access it via a secure url? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Oh... well in that case I'm not sure if I can be of much help. I had a redirect issue when we moved our site to another domain... it wasn't specifically related to SSL. It was just a similar redirect issue... I was able to fix it by changing the values in the Shop and SSL domain. It was just an idea. I don't know much time it takes to set up the pretty url module (I don't use it), but maybe you could try completely uninstalling it and see if it works. It is very rare, but I have had some cases where modules still cause conflict issues even when disabled (i presume it has something to do with overrides). Has this ever worked? Do you have any other modules you have installed since the last working time? Also, just to be clear, when you say redirect loop you do mean that there is an error pages stating the redirect is setup in a loop, right? HTH!
  8. Hi, Have you checked your SSL URL that is defined under your Preferences > SEO & URLs settings page? Having used (and now on I have not had this issue with SSL enabled but Force SSL disabled. However, I have experienced redirect loop issues in the past and most times it has been because of this setting. HTH!
  9. HI, It may be a server side setting error. It appears that your host may have an open_basedir rule that is blocking access. To be honest I'm not sure... but I think it is something you may want to first contact your host about. HTH!
  10. Hi, Thats a good idea. However, I don't see this being an easy task. It will probably require a lot of edits and customization. It may need to be a custom built module. I am not aware of any modules that are capable of this right now... so depending how important it is to you, you may need to hire a developer to program it for you. HTH!
  11. By "bottom of the page" I am assuming you are talking about the cache options at the bottom of the Advanced Parameters > Performance page. right? If so you can disable this by editing your /config/settings.inc.php file HTH!
  12. Hi, Sorry I don't use the module. I however use cronjob but via our server cPanel. Is it something that absolutely requires this module? Wouldn't the preferred (more reliable) method be setting up cronjob via cPanel? Also, considering the error message, maybe it has something to do with webservices... maybe you need to enable it or set it up? Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  13. Hi, Just curious if anybody is having a similar issue we have noticed... we aren't sure if it is happening everything as we don't usually modify orders. But we have noticed it happening on at least 2 occasions... When we add a product to an order, then delete a product from that same order... there is an order total paid error message. This is when the new product and deleted products have the SAME value. We generally don't modify orders except for even exchange purposes. Upon further inspection, we noticed that the shipping cost is being added again when the new product is added to the invoice. This extra cost is throwing off the total paid. We haven't had this issue in PS1.5 ever... just want to see if this is normal or an bug. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Hi, So, the customer is able to pay which gets approved by your processor (its in their payment history), but the order isn't created in the backoffice, right? What payment module(s) are you using? Are you sure it is compatible with PS1.6.0.11? Most likely it should be even without any further modifications, but I would still make sure with the developer (if it is third-party). Have you used the PayPal USA module offered by PS? I would try using this if you aren't already... at least for testing purposes. Further, were there any changes that were made on your server (esp. regarding certain PHP extensions)? I know some payment modules utilize certain PHP extensions that may or may not be enabled by default. The host should be able to review this for you. I don't think I am having this issue, but I will double check... I will cross reference payment history from our merchant with the orders created in PS after our upgrade. HTH! PS. Its a huge inconvenience, but for the time being (until resolved) for approved payments you should be able to manually create the order using the shopping carts that have been created for that customer. Its only a temp solution.
  15. Hi, To those who are using the newest version of prestashop... under the "Advanced Parameters" > Performance tab in the "Smarty" section there appears to be new settings that have been added. They are titled "Caching Type" and "Clear Cache." Does anybody know what these settings do? I've left them as is, but I can't figure out what they are for and I haven't been able to find any documentation on them. As for the latter, I figured it just clears the cache or it doesn't depending on updates. However, the "Caching Type" option I am unsure of and would like to know what is the best option to choose. We use a third-party caching module, will this have any effect? We would like to continue to use the module but want to be sure these settings are optimal. As for the issue, I noticed that when the "Clear Cache" is set to "Never clear cache" the home page modules that display New Products or recently update products they do not update at all. On the new products page it shows the newly uploaded product, but not on the homepage in these modules (for example). We've set it back to clear cache when there is any change, and this has fixed the issue. Now I just want to be sure that this is the best option if we are constantly adding new products, or ideally do we want cache to never clear (which is causing front end issues). Btw, we are using a custom theme with custom New Product slider modules - maybe this could be an issue? I haven't tested this on the default theme FYI. Any input is much appreciated!
  16. Hi, I'm not having any problems changing products... what issues are you having? I haven't tried adding a product, but I've modified product details and they seem to be working. What do you mean by cache problems? Did you clear your cache and cookies? To test, try accessing it on chrome using incognito mode. HTH! PS. I'm still looking for any advice on the dashboard issue.
  17. Hi, Again, if you are having issues with third party modules make sure to check the "Debug" section under "Advanced Parameters" > "Performance" Make sure that the "Disable overrides" is set to NO. This is becuase many third-party modules use overrides, but if this is enabled then PS will ignore all those overrides. HTH!
  18. Hi, We recently upgraded to PS1.6, and everything else appears to be working fine (both BO and FO). However, on the newly designed dashboard page in the BO, under "ACTIVITY OVERVIEW" the information does not load. All sections keep showing the loading icon... the spinning arrows and they never complete loading. Oddly, the actual dashboard loads fine. The data that shows the sales and orders, etc. are loading fine... just not the data on that left column. Anybody else experience an issue like this? Thanks!
  19. Hi, To answer your first question... yes it appears that the links WITHOUT categories are redirecting correctly. This is probably how it is set in your SEO & URL preferences in the BO. If you google "redirect checker" and use one of those services it shows that the above link is a 301 redirect. Try it out. For you second question, I think you would be better off just moving the categories using the "Category" section of the BO. I'm not completely sure but I think by doing this your url structure won't change. My understanding (as limited as it may be) is that PS treats every category and subcategory as a category item (not 2 different items). So there aren't 2 different link structures for categories and subcategories; its just based on their ID. If true, this should mean that you could move the subcategories into categories, and categories to become subcategories. In any case, I think it would probably be best to move your existing (sub)categories instead of creating new ones. HTH!
  20. Hi, I'm not sure if this is gonna be of any help, but can you check under your Preferences > SEO & URLS > Set Shop Url settings? What do you inputted for your shop domain and ssl domain? Is there a trailing slash? If so try removing it. Also, by the looks of your url structure it looks like you don't have Friendly URL enabled... correct? If so, you might want to try enabling this feature... its good for customers and seo. HTH!
  21. Hi, Well if you are trying to modify the labels on the product main page (where there is only 1 product and its details) then yes you would modify /themes/yourtheme/product.tpl If you are trying to modify the label on the product list pages... the list of products that appear under specific categories, then you will need to edit /themes/yourtheme/product-list.tpl OR BOTH. You will need to find the block of code that inserts these labels and include an IF-Statement to work... it shouldn't be too difficult. Let me know if you need clarification. You may need to provide the tpl files though. HTH!
  22. Hi, Since this is a fresh install and its hanging on the database, I would ask your host to see if there are any errors in your mysql logs. Or there may be a setting (ie. mod_security) that may be blocking certain queries from being executed/inserted into your db. Also, I am on the prior step, you inputted your db details correctly AND clicked the test connection button. HTH!
  23. Hi, Have you cleared browser cache? Try accessing BO from chrome incoginito mode. I had similiar issue but tried in chrome it worked fine... so I knew it had to be a browser/cache issue. HTH!
  24. HI, Are you sure your upgrade completed successfully? How did you upgrade - manually or automatic option? I think you might want to use a backup and upgrade again, or make a second copy and test the upgrade on that one.
  25. Hi, Try logging out and clearing cache and logging back in. Or just to see if its a cache issue, try it by accessing the page via chrome incognito mode. HTH!
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