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  1. how to create module?

    That is funny...; like going to Mercedes and asking how to build a car :-) Anyway, depending on your PS version, you check the official docs here Official Documentation
  2. Change Forum Email

    Unfortunately, you can't change it yourself. It is annoying but no other solution than contacting Prestashop directly to do it for you.
  3. Meniu pentru mobil

    Ar trebui sa-i contactezi pe dezvoltatorii temei, direct sau prin forum-ul lor daca au. Fiind o tema free nu sunt obligati sa raspunda, dar majoritatea o fac.
  4. PS 1.6. How get data about abandoned carts ?

    you're welcome; if it solves your problem, please mark this SOLVED so it may help other people looking for it.
  5. So, the "problem" is that you don't know how to retrieve the form's values? A quick look in the PS controllers or any module that uses forms controllers would have revealed that to retrieve those variables you need to use Tools::getValue('name') In your controller form processing function. EDIT: of course replace 'name' with your variable name
  6. PS 1.6. How get data about abandoned carts ?

    There is a free one here, forum link. You can either use it or learn from its code.
  7. PS 1.6. How get data about abandoned carts ?

    why not using a module exactly for this, available in addons.prestashop.com?
  8. Add module CSS to header

    in hookHeader() function add: $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path.'/views/css/your_css_file.css');
  9. you need to create that hook function in your module's class, then either reset the module (you might loose its configuration, or simply add the module to that hook using the Positions.
  10. Prestashop module faulty or my website is hacked

    This is not a hack result, simply some template uses a non declared/accessible variable in its corresponding controller.
  11. And do you have the file Tools.php in the classes directory? If not, copy it there from the Prestashop original archive.
  12. You can use the CSV import tool for that. Export the categories you need, keep the ID and Parent Category columns and in the latter add your modification.
  13. CMS Page error

    What do you mean? A CMS page is not "showing" on your homepage, it has its own URL like yourdomain.co,/content/cms_id-pretty_url.