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  1. Hello, Is this possible to update once generated invoices with new tax rules? We were not pax payer few months ago and sent invoices without VAT to our customers. Now we are VAT company and need to re-generate invoices once again with added VAT. When I try to generate invoice for these old orders I still get invoice without tax, despite it is now enabled. Looks like I would need to remove old invoices and to generate new ones with current rules. How do I do this? Is this possible? Can I change order status that the invoice is not present? Looks like the pdf invoice is somewhere cached and after I try to download old invoices I get them in exactly same state that they were when they were generated, despite new rules have been implemented to our store. Is is possible to mark somewhere in PS that there were no invoice generated for an order so I can generate it completely fresh? Invoices for orders placed after the tax rules were enabled are completely OK. Simply I need to create about 500 invoices with tax and doing this manually would take ages. Regenerating them with tax would solve my issue. I would appreciate any response, Kind regards
  2. Hello, I've been running successful prestashop 1.6.0 store since March of this year using tsohost as a server but it has grown so much that we're thinking about better offer or even VPS. We have about 300 unique visits and 10 high value orders daily, growing very fast. Linux VPS £70 is what we definitely can afford. Can you please recommend any host for us? We'd like to increase loading speed of our site, so we have better SEO score. Also, we recently received information from PayPal that we have to be compliant with PCI DSS. Can somebody please explain how to do this? We process credit card payments online through our site. Is this third party service or part of hosting service? I was looking for some benchmark but couldn't find any. Will appreciate any answer. Kind regards
  3. I know and agree about prestashop back office stats, I was talking about back office Google Analytics module. I set up everything ok and visitors count is surely different from real. I will try editiing header.tpl and removing analytics module. Thanks for your help, will give feedback after some times if it worked. Regards. Edit: I've tried to put analytics code into the header.tpl file and it works. I see live stats and real visitors count. Many thanks zangxuma.
  4. Hello, I've recently installed latest version of google analytics module in our prestashop, set up an account, inserted UA-6XXXX46X-X (is that correct or should I put there only numbers, without UA- ?) into the module settings and I am not able to track anything in Google Analytics account. There are 5 visits for 7 days in total but this is not real for sure as we have about 5 orders every day and 80 visits from AdWords daily. I've set up everything as recommended in AdWords account but still can't see anything there. Also in prestashop back office I see few people doing something on our website but in Analytics live sessions there is nothing. Is there any guide for analytics in prestashop? I didn't find analytics module in prestashop useful at all at the moment. Kind regards.
  5. Thanks a lot. Can you please post an example feed with this setting included? We will probably purchase pro version anyway but I'd like how to use free version in different stores I manage. Regards
  6. Hello, Thanks for this great working module. I have already set up Merchant campaign and it's working like a charm. I would like to ask about one thing though, how to export products only in selected category? I'd like to have different feed template for every product's category. At the moment all the products are exported in one file using the same template and I have to cut them and paste into different files manually. How can I select in template that only products from CategoryA goes into exported files? Looking forward hearing from you, Kind regards.
  7. Thank you. I was going to change these banners to something completely different, like tips for navigation and filtering as many of our users seems to have problems with such basic things. Was even thinking about removing this slider at all but don't know what to put in it's place. You are completely right the metro-style tiles for menu doesn't do their work.. many people that call us recognise it as a menu only after I tell them about it. I appreciate your feedback. Regards
  8. Hello, Looks like I've solved all my issues with prestashop, currently using PS, shop is in production, few orders every day, I'd like to know what is your opinion about it . Yesterday customer complained that our shop is "Very hard to use" and that he's lost. I know that the english on our site is not the best (as we copied products' description from manufacturer's catalogues) but I did my best to make navigation, category filtering and placing an order as easy as possible. Could you please test my shop and give some advice when you see room for improvements? What do you think about it's speed, functionality, design, I would be grateful for any judgement even the harshest. You can even place some test order, simply add a message on addresses page about it. Will appreciate any advice and option you will share with me. the store is: https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk Kind regards
  9. Thanks for your reply. I've already tried that one - I turned off, cleared cache & compiled almost all the front office modules, so only footer and header remained - but still no padlock. Looks like the problem lies somewhere else not in the code. I am still struggling with this today. I would buy 'better' SSL but I am not sure if this would help. I also noticed that in google chrome mobile the padlock is green, everything is okay. The problem is only present with google chrome desktop on our homepage and nowhere else.
  10. Greetings, I am using PS1.6.0.14 with Optima theme template, everything was ok but suddenly today morning I noticed that we've got no green 'secure' padlock on our website anymore. This is very odd because the only 'insecure' page is index. After clicking on product or category padlock is green. You can check this here: https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk/ - homepage - no padlock, https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk/23-line - category - green padlock, ok https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk/informations/5-secure-payment - cms - green padlock, ok We have enabled force SSL on every page, and it was working very nice until today. I've read all the topics I could find on this forum, tried everything and nothing helped me. I was even thinking that some homepage only module is causing the problems, so I disabled almost all front-office modules, but it didn't help! Padlock was still orange, insecure. The error is: Mixed Content: The page at 'https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk/' was loaded over a secure connection, but contains a form which targets an insecure endpoint 'https:'. This endpoint should be made available over a secure connection. Insecure <form> call. Found on line # 1 in file: wetroomsdesign.co.uk/index.html (Note: Chrome will show a security error for any secure page with an insecure <form> call on the page) Why it doesn't happen on any other page and only on main page? What can I do to have green padlock again? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: when I turn off the Friendly Urls I have padlock on my homepage... What should I do to keep it with Url rewriting enabled? Kind regards
  11. Greetings, Is there any script or module that allows to quickly remove old and unused images? I have had an online store with products IDs like 100, 101, 102 etc. and then cloned this shop to my localhost, removed all products there but they were still online, after creating new products locally I uploaded them not by any import export module but by uploading files and database. The old photos are still there I think because I didn't manually remove them from back office but rewriting database. Can somobody share script that removes images folder for non-existing IDs? Prestashop Regards
  12. Greetings, I would like to ask if there is any possibility to filter category by feature that has assigned texture? I know and use this for attributes, and this works great on products page. For Layered navigation filters style there are only checkbox, radio button or drop down list visible. I am using 100% checkboxes for now, so I can afford changing this one for radio button. Is there any simpler way to assign an image to feature other than hardlink it in css child? I would make a use for multiple texture-type features like this, but if it requires complete module re-write then I just want this one feature to be filtered out by texture. There's nothing wrong in having checkbox near it. Particulary I want to add texture to the Cover design feature here: https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk/23-line I will appreciate any answer, Kindest regards
  13. Hello everyone, I have a problem with prestashop 1.5 (atm moving to 1.6) and ebay module 1.6.7. I list my products on ebay through prestashop back office with help of this module and everything is fine except one thing. After some time photos disappear. Instead of them there's a question mark saying that image is missing. I think prestashop moves them. Could this be disabled? Next thing is products URL. I know prestashop puts images in folder yourdomain/img/p/5/3/28_home.jpg (example) which is very unclear for me and I'd like to know if it is possible to put ALL images in ONE FOLDER? Images should be ID titled but what if one ID has many photos... Which file should I edit and how? I would be grateful if anyone could be so kind to help me. regards.
  14. Hi, Is it possible to edit eBay module code to add tag {medium_image_4} for example? Can i add more than 3 photos thru my template? I am using prestashop 1.5 and latest version of ebay module.
  15. Jurist

    module for ebay.de ?

    Will be there any update that include synchronization for ebay.de ? OR Is there any other prestashop module for german ebay? Regards
  16. Witam, Czy prestashop ma możliwość wprowadzania dla produktów/kombinacji atrybutów wprowadzaniu STAŁYCH cen w RÓŻNYCH walutach, np. 200zł i 50 euro dla jednej kombinacji niezależnie od kursu? Pozdrawiam
  17. Dla wszystkich którzy będą mieć ten problem w przyszłości: Ten error powstaje przy zmianie ustawień SEO URL w prestashop. Wszystko co trzeba zrobić to usunąć smarty cache i pamięć podręczną przeglądarki.
  18. Problem resolved, all i had to do is to clear smarty cache and web browser cache.
  19. Hi, I resolved my problem, and posting resolution for everyone who's gonna have same in the future. All I had to do is to add valid_children : "+body[style]" at the end of the line default_config { } In file: yourdomain/js/tinymce.inc.js so the whole file should look like that: function tinySetup(config) { if(!config) config = {}; default_config = { mode : "specific_textareas", theme : "advanced", skin:"cirkuit", editor_selector : "rte", editor_deselector : "noEditor", plugins : "safari,pagebreak,style,table,advimage,advlink,inlinepopups,media,contextmenu,paste,fullscreen,xhtmlxtras,preview", // Theme options theme_advanced_buttons1 : "newdocument,|,bold,italic,underline,strikethrough,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,justifyfull,styleselect,formatselect,fontselect,fontsizeselect", theme_advanced_buttons2 : "cut,copy,paste,pastetext,pasteword,|,search,replace,|,bullist,numlist,|,outdent,indent,blockquote,|,undo,redo,|,link,unlink,anchor,image,cleanup,help,code,,|,forecolor,backcolor, media, fullscreen", // theme_advanced_buttons3 : "tablecontrols,|,hr,removeformat,visualaid,|,sub,sup,|,charmap,|,ltr,rtl,|", // theme_advanced_buttons4 : "styleprops,|,cite,abbr,acronym,del,ins,attribs,pagebreak", theme_advanced_buttons3 : "", theme_advanced_buttons4 : "", theme_advanced_toolbar_location : "top", theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "left", theme_advanced_statusbar_location : "bottom", theme_advanced_resizing : true, content_css : pathCSS+"global.css", document_base_url : ad, width: "600", height: "auto", font_size_style_values : "8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt, 36pt", elements : "nourlconvert,ajaxfilemanager", file_browser_callback : "ajaxfilemanager", entity_encoding: "raw", convert_urls : false, language : iso, valid_children : "+body[style]" } $.each(default_config, function(index, el) { if (config[index] === undefined ) config[index] = el; }); tinyMCE.init(config); }; function ajaxfilemanager(field_name, url, type, win) { var ajaxfilemanagerurl = ad+"/ajaxfilemanager/ajaxfilemanager.php"; switch (type) { case "image": break; case "media": break; case "flash": break; case "file": break; default: return false; } tinyMCE.activeEditor.windowManager.open({ url: ajaxfilemanagerurl, width: 782, height: 440, inline : "yes", close_previous : "no" },{ window : win, input : field_name }); }
  20. Hi! I have a problem with TinyMCE editor in template manager of ebay module for prestashop 1.5. It simply removes everything that doesn't belong to body part of a page, thus i cannot add any css to it. I've tried link rel to external css - removed <style></styles> on the top of the page code - removed How do I add styles to template manager in ebay module for prestashop? or How do I stop TinyMCE from removing tags? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello everyone, I have a problem with last step using cash on delivery method. AFTER i click Confirm my order it creates it but sends user to a blank page with message on it: TCPDF ERROR: [image] Unable to get image: http://img/logo.jpg Don't have such problems with any other payment methods. here's my shop http://www.q-building.eu Can i link the Confirmation button to some html page created by myself? Currently it sends user to order-confirmation.tpl which doesn't work don't know why. If you know where did this image address came from, please tell me. Have a nice day
  22. Ma ktoś jakiś pomysł jak to rozwiązać? W przypadku płatności przelewem wszystko działa. Dodam tylko że sklep na hostingu home.pl Bardzo prosze o jakieś propozycje naprawy siedze już nad tym kilkanaście godzin i nie moge tego ruszyć
  23. Witam, posiadam problem z potwierdzeniem zamówienia w przypadku platności i dostawy za pobraniem, a mianowicie PO WYBRANIU opcji opłatności na dole są dwa przyciski: inne opcje płatności i potwierdzam zamówienie. Po kliknięciu w potwierdzenie w pasku adresu wyskakuje to: http://q-building.eu/pl/modules/cashondelivery/validation a na stronie tylko to: TCPDF ERROR: [image] Unable to get image: http://img/logo.jpg i biała strona :/ Mam pytanie, który plik odpowiada za informowanie "Twoje zamowienie złożone poprawnie?" Co ciekawe, zamówienie zostaje złożone, tylko użytkownik nie zostaje o tym informowany.
  24. Witam, Po pierwsze chciałbym podziękować za pomoc w rozwiązaniu mojego poprzedniego problemu. Już wszystko działa jak należy. Mam kolejny problem, mógłby mi ktoś podpowiedzieć jak połączyć opcje dostawy z opcją płatności? Konkretnie chodzi mi o to, żeby dla wybranej opcji dostawy widoczne były: OPCJA DOSTAWY 1 -> WSZYSTKIE OPCJE PŁATNOŚCI OPRÓCZ PŁATNOŚĆ PRZY DOSTAWIE OPCJA DOSTAWY 2 -> TYLKO PŁATNOŚĆ PRZY DOSTAWIE Pozdrawiam
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