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  1. Hello,

    I have a problem that I will probably need a module to solve.

    There is:

    product A - TV - worth €1000


    product B - TV wall mount - worth € 150 

    Is it possible to add product B as an option to product A (working like a combination), so if customer adds TV and sets wall mount to include he will have 2 products in his shopping cart?

    It would need to connect to another product - wall mount - available separately in the store. 


  2. There's another thing I tried, I changed ciphering algorithm from mcrypt to default (Blowfish).

    Surprisingly, this option was hidden in back office (no idea why). I had to manually change db row PS_CIPHER_ALGORITHM to 0.

    For now, there've been 20 orders and no issue, will write if that helped or not (and will continue to find the solution if possible) so hopefully this threat will help someone.


  3. Hello,

    I have been developing multiple stores with PS 1.6 selling to multiple countries. I have no problems with the stores but with one selling to Germany. Server information on attachment.


    This is a single order with the problem (2 errors Frontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart).

    The problem is:

    The customer after adding a product to shopping cart, registering and paying is redirected to empty cart page. There's no order confirmation and order is created in back office but without status.

    I have found a lot of topics describing similar issue, but people were reporting problems with being redirected to an empty cart after adding a product. Looks like adding a product works well, however the problem with failed orders created is really severe.

    What is also strange is that it happens to only 10% of customers. Others are able to create orders without any issues, we have also been unable to replicate the problem ourselves. Obviously 100% customers must be able to pay. We have been trying to find what in common have those people unable to pay, hard to see anything, there are some tracks that it may happen because of firefox browser.

    We use 5 step checkout and payment is PayPal Plus module, purchased from Prestashop marketplace (the issue may come from the module, however developer tested 20 orders with development store version and he says that he didn't find any problems). When we were testing the store ourselves with sandbox and live accounts orders went through successfully without any problems.

    The things I have done so far:

    • - cleaning DB (ps_connections, ps_connections_page, ps_connections_source) (link)
    • - changing ps_cart auto_increment (link)
    • - geotargeting is turned off, setting localization from browser turned off
    • - there are no any javascript errors,
    • - eBay module is not installed (link)
    • - shop is not in multistore module, stock_available table has proper quantities and there are no obsolete redundant rows,
    • -  Core/Business/Stock/Core_Business_Stock_StockManager.php at line 126 issue was fixed (link),
    • - can't see any errros in apache error_log,
    • - I have made override for PaymentModule.php (link)
    • - I have made override that changed cookie name (link)

    The problem persists. We are losing sales. The problem is present on the PS forums, however none of the solutions helped me. After paying customer is redirected back to our website like he's never been on it before, cart is empty, because he's not recognised as a customer who just paid order isn't confirmed, he doesn't receive any emails, order is created in back office of the store, however without statuses. 

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions what else can be done in order to fix the problem.



  4. Thank you for your reply.

    I have reindexed search. The problem is, I tested it even with clean PS, with simpliest of configurations and it still doesn't work.


    Is this how the aliases should be configured? A phrase that customer types into search and the page that he should be redirected to after pressing search right?

    Are you able to make aliases work with your store?



    Is this how search compatible with aliases should be configured?

    Kind regards

  5. Hello,

    Is there a tutorial how to set up search alias in PS 1.6? 

    There's a keyword and page field, so I thought you need to insert what needs to be typed to be redirected to specified page, however it doesnt work like that. It seems to not work at all. No matter what I type into keywords and what page I link, there's no results.

    I've even tested fresh PS1.6 installation and same thing happens, there are no results. 

    Anybody can explain how to set up search aliases?

    Kind regards

  6. Hello,

    Anybody has a clue how could I change the way the prices are displayed: whether net or gross?

    I know that you can assign this to a customer group, so there definitely must be some function in php which changes that.

    Is there a way to change that function through front office (JS with ajax)? If someone helps me find the solution I will post a module / functionality here. 


  7. Hello,

    Is it possible to change the way the prices are displayed? In fact, it would need to change every number on the website. 

    For example: 10000, should be 10.000. I know that in theory I could develop a module that would just edit the price string and add a dot between the numbers, 3 places from the decimal dot, however it would be tedious as I would need to make sure every single number is taken into consideration.

    Is there some system solution to that? If not to every number, maybe just for prices?


  8. Hello,

    I need to use some of the functionality my front controller currently does.

    Beginning of my controller is:


    class CustomerDataTradeDiscountsModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController {
        public $display_column_left = false;
        public $display_column_right = false;

    is there any way I could use it's functionality with cronjob?

    I was trying to add code after class ending, with


    $tradeDiscounts = new CustomerDataTradeDiscountsModuleFrontController();

    however it says "the module name is invalid".

    I could just copy the functions and strip it out of it's object functionality, however is there a proper way the front controller could be instanced?

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Kind regards

  9. In case anybody were interested and having similar issue, AuthController.php processSubmitAccount() function needs an override. 

    after line 244:


    Group 4 is my "Trade" group ID.

  10. Hello,

    As in the title, is it possible to assign customer to a different than a default customer group when he registers? I know it could be easily done via cron script that would go through entire database and just change ID of the customer group, but how to do that during checkout?

    If "company" field is filled during checkout he is assigned to "trade" group. Any idea how to do that?


  11. Hi,

    I have a problem with default gallery of PS 1.6. 

    In our store there are products connected to each attribute, let's say:

    Attribute 1 - pic1, pic3, pic5;

    Attribute 2 - pic2, pic4, pic6.

    Setting pictures to attributes works only partially - in the gallery thumbnails only pictures connected to attribute, which is fine.

    However if you set attribute 2 for example and click on first picture, you can go next through the buttons in gallery and see pictures connected to attribute 1.

    Is there any way to change that? I would like only attributes 2 to be displayed in gallery at any time.


  12. Thank you very much for your reply. 

    I've actually tried that, however some elements are still displayed (logo, some footer elements), website looks broken, while when using ?content_only=1 it looks perfectly.

    There are also some errors, 

    Notice: Undefined index: content_only in /home/username/psfolder/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code on line 200

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/username/psfolder/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code on line 200

    Have you encountered similar problems before?


  13. Hello,

    Just like in a title, is there any way to display contents generated in a module's controller file like they are with ?content_only=1 parameter, but without using that parameter?

    For example, I have an iframe displaying survey, and I want to have a webpage:


    but want it to look like it was accessed after typing:


    Is there any other way to achieve content only page version than by URL?

    Kind regards

  14. Hello,


    I am trying to figure out, how to make fancybox display only pictures which are connected to particular combination, for example:


    This product, has pictures of drain position set for combination named 'Position des Ablaufs', After clicking on particular position: mitte ecke or rand, pictures in thumbnails are changing to valid ones.

    However if you click on the picture on left-hand side it and then click on 'next' it shows every product picture, instead of just those bound to the combination.

    Is there any way to change this? Which file I should be editing? Any tips are welcome.

    If I work it out, I can write a module and publish it here.

    Kind regards


  15. Is there some documentation for prestashop honestly? Or do I have to check myself every single line of code to figure our what's the function that creates an account for example.


    Could somebody help me find validation for password?


    Basically, password field is blank, there's an error saying that customer account can't be created. I've tried to change the:

     public static function isPasswd($passwd, $size = Validate::PASSWORD_LENGTH)
            return (Tools::strlen($passwd) >= $size && Tools::strlen($passwd) < 255);

    $size to 0, but still can't create account when password is not inserted because:There is 1 error

    1. An error occurred while creating your account.


    How to allow password field to be empty? Or how to generate random password if customer doesn't insert anything there?

  16. Hello,


    How to check if the cart contains product in javascript?


    I want to do this, for example on page load, if cart is not empty, add some specific style, for example:


    if (cart_not_empty){




    I know that there's variable $cart_qties but it's smarty.


    Also there's ajaxCart.nb_total_products, but it shows 0 unless you add another product to cart (if you have 1 product and refresh the cart ajaxCart.nb_total_products says 0, if you then add another product to the basket ajaxCart.nb_total_products equals correct number).


    Many thanks.

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