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  1. Where can i edit the picture and title of this module that shows on checkout page. I only want to accept bitcoins so how can i change the title [PAY WITH A CRYPTOCURRENCY (ORDER PROCESS WILL BE LONGER)] and the icon logo with this title. One thing more i want to do is, i want to change the decimal place to 4 or 5 for bitcoins (BTC) currency only. It is because i have almost all products on my store less then $10 USD and when bitcoins exchange the rate with USDs, the price shows like "$0.00" or "$0.01". I think it is possible to change the decimal numbers for specific currency. So let me know please how can i do it. By the way your module is awesome and perfect for all those who have wallet other then bitpay. It is exactly i was looking for from last 3 days Thank you for your all efforts, it's really appreciable.
  2. Hi pel024, I have done with other first two steps what you suggested above but i am confused on the step i qouted in reply "Stop PrestaShop sending your shop logo as attachment". I did not see any command or work to do with attachments in post# 5 of this thread. But i have searched for "Stop PrestaShop sending your shop logo as an attachment" and i have found another reply of an expert who is saying to do this Hi, In PS to not attach shop logo image in emails You need to edit file classes/Mail.php and change line 251 $template_vars['{shop_logo}'] = $message->attach(new Swift_Message_EmbeddedFile(new Swift_File($logo), null, ImageManager::getMimeTypeByExtension($logo)));to /*$template_vars['{shop_logo}'] = $message->attach(new Swift_Message_EmbeddedFile(new Swift_File($logo), null, ImageManager::getMimeTypeByExtension($logo))); */ This is usefull when You remove shop logo image in email templates by remove all {shop_logo} strings, and You want prevent showing logo in email attachment. So let me know if it is the right thing to do. (Sorry for poor english). Hope to hear more from you soon. Thanks.
  3. I was having the same issue as B-o-b described. Maximize (Enlarge) product images were not opening when click on maximize button or thumbnail. I just uninstalled the "CloudCache" module (which i recently installed) and the issue was resolved. i was lucky to figure out the problem
  4. Hello, I am having this warning when on contact us page. Warning: mail(/var/log/phpmail.log): failed to open stream: permission denied in /home/xxx/public_html/tools/swift/Swift/plugin/MailSend.php on line 160 Everything is working fine. When someone submits a contact form, it sent successfully, i get notification email, sender get confirmation email that message has been sent successfully. So i don't feel anything wrong but this warning always appears when someone submits contact us from. this warning appears on the top of the page on message successfully sent page. I have attached a screenshot that can explain better then my english Let me know please what about is this warning ? If it is not any major warning or it would not make any issue in future, let me know where can i turn off these php warnings or errors . I did turned on the php errors myself but now i forgot where i had done that. Sorry for bad english, i hope you can understand what i tried to explain. Looking forward to kind response.
  5. Could it not be changed manually ? is it not possible ? Come on, it's just a text ....
  6. Hi, I am having a minor bug that i think could be resolved easily. When i place an order (for test in case) on my website, i choose moneygram as payment method, everything works fine but in Order Summary page i see the name of payment method as "WesternUnion" while it should be "MoneyGram", and in the end of summary i see the notice as "Western union account information will be displayed on the next page" while it should be "Money Gram account information will be displayed on the next page". I have attached the photo that can explain better then my words. So let me know please how can i change these two texts. Looking forward to experts response. (Sorry for my bad english).
  7. Hi, I was resolved with this issue. This issue was in extension of Web Hosting Manager (WHM) If you have access to WHM, follow this tutorial http://forums.cpanel.net/f5/enable-install-mbstring-module-158165.html to turn on the mbstring module. If you don't have access to WHM, ask your hosting provider to turn on the "mbstring extension" for you.
  8. I just came back to let you people know that after resolve the "DatabaseException" error, I immediately got "Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg()" that is also resolved after 5 days The problem was GD library was disable in WHM, as i am on shared hosting, i called my hosting provider and asked him to enable GD library and now all is well
  9. It's been a week that i am having an error and trying to find solution online but did not find yet. The error is "Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg() in /ImageManager.php on line 365" All admin panel is working fine but when i click the produtcs tab under catalog, i see this error (mentioned above). I am using prestashop version My Cpanel configurations are; cPanel Version 11.40.1 (build 9) Theme x3 Apache version 2.2.26 PHP version 5.4.24 MySQL version 5.5.34-cll Architecture x86_64 Operating system linux Shared IP Address Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl Perl version 5.10.1 Kernel version 2.6.32-042stab083.2 cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1) I found some suggestions that my GD library is not installed that could be installed from WHM -> Home -> Software -> EasyApache but i did not find easy apache in my cpanel. Also tried the modifications in some files people suggested in some forums like fileuploader.php, fileuploader.js, AdminImagesController.php but no success, so i restored the default files again. A file with error screenshot is attached. This all happened after i moved my website to new hosting, and hosting provider is not helping me in this case, he is saying it is your cart's issue. Sorry that i am not an expert and familiar with coding / php ... Please help me to resolved this issue. Really looking forward for expert's support. I would be really thankful to you. (Sorry for my very poor english, hope you have understand what i tried to say)
  10. Thank you for you response. I resolved the issue ... see this topic : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/302137-prestashopdatabaseexception-backoffice-orders/
  11. Wow ... Error was resolved by deleting the module via FTP as i did not need that module. But another error was occurred "Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg()" So by acting upon your advice, i restored the upgradation that is working fine. Thank you very much for you support and help and well explanation I wonder why did you say above "I am not an expert"
  12. Hi Batman, M sorry i did not understand how you resolved the issue ? Edit: I did not found any module in directory with name "extraproducttabs". I also searched for this name in all my site but no records found. I am having the same error after upgrading the prestashop. I also attached the screenshot of full error. Kindly explain a bit more that how you resolved the error. Really looking forward to your response. Thank you. Regards, Aun Jabbar.
  13. Hello Iamplats, Thank you very much for your response and support. I actually did not find the module "offlinecardpayment" in my directory. So in my case obviously problem is not same as yours. I can see the module gamification in directory but i am really sorry that i am totally non experienced and i did not got it what you suggested above to do with this module. I have resolved some issues and errors before but all the solutions i found were step by step and well explained (Mostly by PrestaShop Moderators/Experts). So i beg your help if you can explain a bit more. Looking forward for further response Regards, Aun Jabbar (Sorry for my poor english, i hope you can understand what i tried to said).
  14. Having same issue after upgrading from ps to I have attached a screenshot of error. Getting this issue when tried to login my back office. It gives this error instead of login screen. It's all happen after update. Really need help from experts. Kindly see the file attached. Looking forward to your response. Thank you. (Sorry for my bad English).
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