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  1. Thank you to both of you for you replies. Have a great weekend. I've added a second image so you don't have to look for waldo.
  2. I'm sorry but I don't think you understand what I am saying. If you look at the verbiage used on those three images, it is unrealed to the theme flow and how is it that the words, We Denouce with Righteous Indignation Contrary Belief Indignation with Righteous Contrary belief Falls in line with this theme? Deleting the image probably won't fix this issue when several of the images end with the Word HACKED. What other codes are in this theme that I am not aware of as a newbie?
  3. Please look at the two images on the lower left and the image on the lower right.
  4. Earlier today, I purchased a theme through the store. After installing, the following information appeared on the store theme and on my website and it is on the shop website. http://addons.presta...emo/FO4935.html I sent an email through the store website but did not receive a response. I removed the download from my server but I am concern that others may have the same problem and I notice that each of those images filename ended with the word HACK. Very disappointed in my first buying experience and first attempt at Prestashop. I paid for a theme I cannot use. I have attached another images so you won't be looking for "WALDO".
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