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  1. Hi Last week I updated to the new version of prestashop. After updating, I noticed that my left column has disappeared from the product pages and the CMS pages. My category and other left column modules will not transplant on these pages however, it appears on the login, my account, In the user/customer view, the left column does not appear on any of the My Account Links. I really need to get this issue fixed. Any assistance resolving this matter is greatly appreciated. Links to a few pages that works and don't work. Product page link: http://www.simplycarolyn.com/259-forever-princess.html CMS Page: http://www.simplycarolyn.com/content/6-simply-carolyn-ring-chart-conversion Login Link: http://www.simplycarolyn.com/login?back=my-account New Products: http://www.simplycarolyn.com/new-products Thank you
  2. I enabled the gointerpay module to review to services provided and to see how it works. since that time, i have decided that it is not best for me. After uninstalling the module, i am noticing that my site still has the currency feature for international payments. How can this be removed without any negative affects to my site?
  3. When a customer attempts to write a review of a product in my store, the following error appears. Title is incorrect Comment is incorrect Product not found I am using PS I attempted the same and it does not work. I there a solution to the PS Comment Module Issue? I do not wish to use Yotpo and assumed that since the module is standard in PS, it would work without any issues.
  4. When I initially started using prestashop, I was testing the look of various themes on my site. I was also having a problem with the USPS module and the checkout module. Now that my store is up and running, I am finding a lot of images stored on the server in a temp file. Example, the USPS carrier truck is shown over 200+ times as well as the images for products I have deleted. Additionally, I am finding that the images are stored in multiple sizes...20+ each. It's slowing down my speed and now I am getting THOSE "Storing a large number of files on your account can cause a degradation of performance" email from the host. When I deleted the content in the "TEMP" file, all of the images disappeared from the store including theme, product, USPS, UPS, FedEx, icons, etc. images. How can I clean up old and not needed files without creating errors within my store?
  5. I would like to thank you for testing, finding, resolving, and posting your updates even though it does not look that experts offered any solutions. I have been battling this problem with PrestaShop for 2+ months and no one ever provided a solution on "HOW TO FIX THIS HUGE ISSUES" . I am so frustrated with this, I have started the process of moving my shop to "WORDPRESS", yes, Wordpress! smh Thank you again and I hope that you continue to share your solutions with such clarity when you come across other problems. If payment was required, your solution speaks $1,000,000 in words. Thank you again. I have tested your "SIMPLE" solution and it works!
  6. After updating to the newer version of Prestashop, my store has gone crazy! I have a sale starting at midnight and I am now experiencing two major issues: 1. My USPS is not updated ont he confirmation page. Already Posted in another link. Please help. 2. Account User Loging Major Problem! OOUCH!!! :o :o This started after I updated to the newer version of prestashop When the user establishes an account, confirms, and login, the user name appears as the store owner name on the user login page. How is that possible? I'm a newbie, not experienced in coding so any resolutions has to be dummied down for the novice please. link: http://247handbags.com
  7. USPS Configuration Issues: Problem - After upgrading to the updated version of Prestashop, my USPS module has stopped adding the shipping rate to the order confirmation page. It will take the user through the entire process of selecting a shipping method but when it gets to the confirmation page, the user receives the "Please select a delivery method" message. Fine time for this to happen, I have a sale starting at Midnight. Already having two major issues with prestashop on the eve of the sale. What do I need to fix, change, etc. Link: www.247handbags.com
  8. Final Retail Price does not calculate. I have for my pretax listed, tax amount selected but the Final Retail Price does not calculate. Are there any changes that I need to make in my setup? Thank youf or your assistance.
  9. Check out the next post below from ledcom. it took me less than 1 minute and I am not having this problem any more and my other needed updates were completed. All I needed to do with those was uninstall and install on the panel, 2 clicks unless it is one that was customized like my USPS and PayPal.
  10. AWESOME! I completed the necessary work in less than 1 minute and everything works great! Thank you so much.
  11. Ditto, I just installed through MOJO PS version and I am having the same issue. Tried deleting the old 1 Click upgrade ver 1.1.3, etc and uploading version 1.1.7, UGH! Also having the same issue with Merchant Expertise. These are the only two upgrades on the module list.
  12. Thanks, then I'll have to start the site from scratch on the new domain.
  13. No, the domain does not point to the store directory, the DNS points to the host server. Both domains will be on the same server but I want to change the domain name . I reluctantly tried it and received an error Not FoundThe requested URL /index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache Server at www.xxxxxxxx.com Port 80
  14. Thanks, do I need to install Prestashop on the new domain?
  15. Hi, i have a similar scenario and I am new at this and don't want to end up with two websites down. I did contact the host and they do not provide this type of service. (Some would proabably say I need to change host, I agree but I am on a full year contact and have 6+ months to go.) Anyway, The installation is done in a quick one-step process through MOJO and not a manual installation. Both sites will be on the same host server. The DNS for the new domain name has been pointed to the host. I want to rename domain www.xxxxxx.com to domain name www.aaaaaa.com Please help. Thanks
  16. i'm having the same issues with my USPS module. The configuration is correct. However, when I try to process a sample transaction, 1. the disabled carrier services are in the dropdown, 2. I have to select the preferred carrier multiple times, 3. When I get to the page to accept the term, the preferred carrier does not appear " There is 1 error There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected.« Back
  17. HI, it is not so much the background image as it is the text added over the image that concerns me and I hope the designer makes an adjustment. It is a really nice theme with less thought applied to those images. Yesterday we were reviewing opencart and saw the same theme with four similar images. The item was viewed 3,462 times and 0 votes since posted on 9/2012.
  18. Thank you Pascal, your response is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to check on the concerns of the customer, buyer, and merchant. I spoke to customer service yesterday and forwarded the information for review. The response was also of concern with the choice of "filler words." Whether the words used are intentional or intentional, "I" would rather have it checked than to draw on a quick conclusion and response. You and two others have done that and Thank you again. Please check the initial post for the last image found, I could not post within this post, I kept getting a message indicating the extension was not allow in the forum (jpg and png). If there are more or if there are issues, it will eventually happen, if not to me to someone else that purchases the product. Have a great day everyone. C. Nelson, Customer Service Analyst
  19. Hi Benjamin, that is where the difference is. You are looking at the information as filler as a coder. I am looking at the information found as the Merchant that intends to provide a safe and secure purchasing environment to the consumers that will be using the site. An judging from all the "Like This" is see, the consumer will always by the underdog. There should be a "Don't Like" button provided. With that being said. I do not intend to pursue PrestaShop. Many thanks to all.
  20. The link to contact the developer was submitted but I have not received a response. I don't see a word on the them that says hacked but that word was added as a part of the images name. Not receiving a response concerns me and as the MERCHANT I should be concern.
  21. Thank you. While it may not be an issue, the verbiage over those type of images are found alarming and perhaps a different filler text should have been used. Please keep me posted and Thank you again.
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