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  1. hi I am looking for an experienced developer for prestashop on a constant basis. pls recommendations and resume as a private message. thx
  2. you have to configure price increase in the Combinations subwindow.
  3. Hi there, I am desperately looking for any help: after the server was down, it's not possible to order on the site anymore. Each time you try to generate an order, the white blank page appears saying "Settings are missing". The order is not generated, but the cart is gone - it gets Order Number 0, when seen in Customers --> Carts. What can be a cause for this behaviour? please help! Screenshots are attached. Lionna
  4. Hi dear community, I would like to ask, if it is possible to reduce the rights of the profile Translator? I do not want him to see some tabs on the product page like 'Prices' or 'Supplier'. But it seems to me, that it is only possible to give rights to see everything on a product level or nothing. Is there a way to specify the access more specifically? Thanks for any hint in advance, Lionna
  5. Hi dear community, I am desperately looking for an answer to the following: I have a VAT tax for Switzerland 8.0% I setup the Non-food tax rule, where I include this rate. However, PrestaShop calculates the pre-tax retail price wrongly: as you can see from the screenshots, it deducts only 7.4%, not 8.0% What did I do wrong? Would be grateful to any hints, Lionna
  6. Hello there, I'd be also very interested in how to use two different paypal accounts in one shop so that if a user pays in e.g. EUR, he will pay to one PP account, and if in USD, then to another. Does anyone have the same problem? Regards, Lionna
  7. No, unfortunately, the German tax is not applied.
  8. Hello dear community I've got a problem with taxes and desperately searching for a solution for that. I've set up two taxes and combined them in one tax rule (see attached screenshots). This tax rule is set as Default for all the products. The Swiss tax is applied to each order, however, German tax is never applied. I have no idea what am I doing wrong? I did everything it says in the PrestaShop Manual. How can I proceed with debugging? Would be glad for any hint. Lionna
  9. Hello Pierre thank you so much, it works greatly! Lionna
  10. Hi Pierre No, unfortunately not. Seems like no one had the same problem.. I'll post here as soon as I'll find a solution.
  11. Hello dear community, did anybody had a Problem with priorities in Gsitemap module? In order to show some of the product categories in Google SERPs, I would like to give the highest priority to the category. For that, I have changes the category priority to 1.0 in the file gsitemap.php public function install() { foreach (array( 'GSITEMAP_PRIORITY_CATEGORY' => 1.0, 'GSITEMAP_PRIORITY_HOME' => 0.9, 'GSITEMAP_PRIORITY_PRODUCT' => 0.8, 'GSITEMAP_PRIORITY_MANUFACTURER' => 0.7, 'GSITEMAP_PRIORITY_SUPPLIER' => 0.6, 'GSITEMAP_PRIORITY_CMS' => 0.5, 'GSITEMAP_FREQUENCY' => 'weekly', 'GSITEMAP_CHECK_IMAGE_FILE' => false, 'GSITEMAP_LAST_EXPORT' => false ) as $key => $val) if (!Configuration::updateValue($key, $val)) return false; However, the sitemap will still generate the priority 0.8 for categories (Default value). Does anyone know what is the problem here? I run Prestashop Thanks in advance, Lionna
  12. Hello El Patron and Bellini13, you're fantastic guys. Indeed, this was the menu module that stole 3-4 seconds of the load time. Without it, it'd be 2.5 sec, which is actually still a "shop on toaster", according to PrestaShop. Anyway, there is still some room for performance improvement, and I know much more now on this topic, thanks to my hoster as well. The ropic is solved! Thank you again!
  13. hi El Patron, thanks! It did a little: I've got less SQL queries. However, the major probem still exists: the timeout at the beginning. You will see it here:
  14. Hi guys, many thanks for your hints. With disabling template recompilation I meant the option "Never recompile template files" in Template cache in Menu Advanced Parameters --> Performance. My prestashop version is I have run the site in a debug mode, here's what I've got: Load time: 7.655s You'd better run your shop on a toaster config: 83ms constructor: 0ms init: 26ms checkAccess: 0ms setMedia: 2ms postProcess: 0ms initHeader: 0ms initContent: 7.192s initFooter: 99ms display: 252ms Hook processing: 7.313s / 26.41 Mb displayTop: 4.55s / 5.42 Mb displayHome: 2.416s / 2.01 Mb displayHeader: 182ms / 14.28 Mb displayFooter: 99ms / 1.71 Mb displayRightColumn: 34ms / 0.83 Mb moduleRoutes: 22ms / 1.88 Mb displayLeftColumn: 10ms / 0.28 Mb DisplayOverrideTemplate: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectAddBefore: 0ms / 0 Mb actionFrontControllerSetMedia: 0ms / 0 Mb actionDispatcher: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectAddAfter: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectConnectionAddAfter: 0ms / 0 Mb actionObjectConnectionAddBefore: 0ms / 0 Mb Memory peak usage: 36.7 Mb config: 7.84 Mb (7.9 Mb) constructor: 0 Mb (7.9 Mb) init: 2.76 Mb (10.7 Mb) checkAccess: 0 Mb (10.7 Mb) setMedia: 0.15 Mb (10.8 Mb) postProcess: 0 Mb (10.8 Mb) initHeader: 0.01 Mb (10.8 Mb) initContent: 22.85 Mb (34.1 Mb) initFooter: 1.72 Mb (35.7 Mb) display: 0.34 Mb (36.7 Mb) Total cache size (in Cache class): 0 Mb DB type: DbPDO SQL Queries: 570 queries Time spent querying: 6.537s Included files: 426 Size of included files: 4.23 Mb Globals (> 1 Ko only): 983 Ko Doubles (IDs replaced by "XX") (total = 32) Tables stress 108 category_lang 95 product_attribute_shop 95 product_attribute 92 category_shop 92 category 76 product_shop 53 product 46 category_group 39 stock_available Doesn't look good at all... I have tried disabling blocklayered module - no influence. I have also regenerated .htaccess to make sure, no weird redirects are there. I have disabled German language and run the site only with one language, no influence. I talked to the hoster - he says, everything works fine, no problem with hosting. What might be the next steps?
  15. Dear all, I am terribly looking for a solution to make my shop load faster. I have made some tests with FireFox Addin Web developer and with Pingdom, and it shows, that the average load time is 11 sec. I see a blackout for about 7000 ms at the beginning - nothing happens at this time, and then everything is loaded. The CPU tells me, that the resources at this blackout are used for mysqld. The compilation of template is switched off. I don't know how to proceed. Can anyone please advise me? Thanks, Lionna
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