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  1. I think its going to require more than an html link...Im searching for the same thing...Im just sick at the fees for a merchant account when its the buyer that should be paying a fee to use their credit card online not the seller..popmoney, and Dwolla are the 2 I am interested is making work...but Im thinking they have to have a "module" not just an html link.. If you hear anything please let me know...thanks
  2. I was wondering if there is anyone that can actually help me get my new theme set up the way I need it to be for my store, and get all the modules set up? I found a site that offered hourly fee for helping to set up my site, but they are all in India, Id be much more comfortable with someone closer to home..in the USA. I have managed to mess up my site trying to install a theme, and now Im at a loss as to how to get my theme installed, my e-commerce set up, postage..etc...and some custom colors for the background.. Thanks..
  3. simpleresponsive theme is what I installed...after uninstalling and adding back my hooks...it returned to my fefault theme...with issue. My logo is now below the header and blocking the HOME button....before it was beside the search bar, its still beside the search bar but my bar that says HOME is now overlapping my logo....I guess I have totally messed up the site?...Dang it...
  4. I am Very new...just started using PS, My question or issue is...I found a free them to install and use, I had no problem uploading and unzipping the file in my Control Panel, However...I was following an instruction on how to install a new theme...after the installation was complete and it didnt work, I looked at the read me file that came with the theme, it said I had to unhook all modules BEFORE installing the theme to the theme folder.....so I deleted the themem in my PS and also in my CP and went to module POSITIONS and unhooked all modules, then went back and uploaded the theme to the theme folder in CP and unzipped it....so far so good...but now the read me file says after installing the new theme to the THEME folder, rehook all the modules....so off we go hook up all the modules...then added the theme to PrestaShop....and nothing...only my default theme shows up.....it took a couple hours to unhook...all modules and rehook each one manually again. At 4:AM I gave up and went to bed...lol... Just seems like the general instruction on how to install a new theme...and the read me files with the new theme dont match up and dont work ....or the read me file assumes your already an expert and isnt complete... Any help here? Is this standard in changing themes every time you want to change a theme?.. Thanks in advance for any thoughts...
  5. Thanks very much...Im sure soon I will be seeking info and how to's...looks like a very good forum..
  6. Wow, seems like there is a lot to learn to be able to make changes to the theme..I am still a noob, so bear with my posts...TY
  7. Im brand new, so Im struggling a bit to learn even the simple basics..and learning how to edit a page is more difficult than in the past when I was editing a web page in WordPress...that was pretty straight forward...this seems a bit more challenging.
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