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  1. Hey polyhedron, will you update your module with the new Google requirements? tnx
  2. Hi Paul, Just had a try with your module v0.7.3.5 and found 2 errors in presta v1.3. 1. it gives the same ean code "0002147483647" for all products the ean code is listed and "0000000000000" for all products the ean is not listed. 2. it adds a double "//" at the end of the domain. ex. mydomain.com//img/p/111-111.jpg Tnx
  3. The best solution is to create an account in google apps using your domain and then use php mail in prestashop. 1. It works perfect 2. It looks more pro because you are using your domain for email
  4. Hi there Im about to change my hosting company. I will move my online store plus an other 2 running pages and 3 that are under consrtuction. I will need your advice for a suggested hosting and for any plan is suitable. Also if any one knows to tell me how much time is needed for the domain transfer and dns settings to apply. tnx
  5. Hey sors I have a quich question for you. Is it really a must to add these two codes in the header.php and footer.php ? I am asking because the software installs these codes in the start and end of the index.php file. Tnx
  6. Fisrt think to do is to set ‘display_errors’ to ‘on’ at /config/config.inc.php so you can see the error.
  7. You have to set the carrier first and then the price ranges for this carrier. Then go to the main Shipping Tab. Select shipping according the price total and then select your carrier to set the costs according the ranges.
  8. Hey Rocky, I have a copy of my error log and this is what it gave me. PHP Fatal error: Smarty error: [in C:\Webs\......\DIGIWAY-CY.COM/themes/digi/order-carrier.tpl line 124]: syntax error: unclosed tag (opened line 116) I also had a copy of your code and I thing I found the error reason after matching those codes again. I missed the closing {/if} tag ;-) Thanks for your help!!
  9. Hey Rocky, Sorry for asking the same thing twice, but can you please check the smarty assing code?? It gives me a half blank page error. Tnx
  10. Hey Rocky, There is something wrong with the smarty assign code you gave me. Can you please check it.
  11. I forgot to tell you that the "attention currency...." message was insert in the order-carrier.tpl. That is why I put "the currency WILL auto-switch......" . If I change the message like you suggest then the customer will see that message but the currency will still be USD or whatever. And because your attention message looks more "pro" the best way is to use it in the order-payment.tpl
  12. Μπορεις να δεις περισσοτερα >Εδω<
  13. Hey Rocky, it worked great, but I need one small function, if it's possible. As this auto-switching may be a bit confusing for the customers, I put an extra message just before the next button. {l s='**ATTENTION**'} {l s='On next step the currency will auto switch in EURO'} Is there a way so that this message will show up only if a customer is using other than the default currency?
  14. You mean here right? /* 4 steps to the order */ switch (intval($step)) { case 1: displayAddress(); break; case 2: if(Tools::isSubmit('processAddress')) processAddress(); autoStep(2); displayCarrier(); break; case 3: if(Tools::isSubmit('processCarrier')) processCarrier(); autoStep(3); checkFreeOrder(); displayPayment(); break; default: $smarty->assign('errors', $errors); displaySummary(); break; } The code shall go between the () or anywhere else? And the number should be my currency id right?
  15. Βρες τη λεξη truncate μεσα στο αρχειο. Ο αριθμος διπλα ειναι οι χαρακτηρες.
  16. You have done great job by adding all these extra features. Is there any way you can add an other one? 8..... Select the currency for the exported feed. So that the price will be auto converted in other currencies your shop has.
  17. If your host don't help you with a simple permissions issue what will you expect if you have any critical issue..... Best solution (in my opinion) is to change host.
  18. Yes Rocky, that's the code I put. It makes the job for COD and Wire payments (with a small bug) but it doesn't work for paypal since it's an external link. That's why I need something to switch in EURO one step before your code is switching currency. Tnx
  19. From BO> Modules search for Google Analytics module under the Stats section. Click configure and edit your code.
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