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  1. Oh, Paul....thank you very much:) Really you saved my ass! I didn't expect it to be that easy Greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria.
  2. Hello, guys! I have a problem. When I create products and they show on the homepage in the Featured products after deleting these products, they keep staying there. How can I fix this? I can't remove them.
  3. Hi, out there! I want to enable some of the modules on the right and the left columns of the home page. Tried it several times, it's not workin'! What could it be, coz I saw that on the products' page some of the modules were enabled on the right column...but not in the home page? Thanks in advance and sorry for disturbing you:)
  4. Yeah, logical:) It's not registered yet.
  5. Yeah, it is a module:) Simlply the other modules are part of the platform and they are already "encoded".
  6. Hello,sorry for the late answer! You have to find your footer.tpl file in the file manager and insert the text shown in the site. You can do this if you like it in your header.
  7. Thank you guys! Sooros and vekia I will have this in mind and try to fix some of the things. 30ml I don't mind your criticism, after all that's why I posted it in here, right? But also I have the right to disagree. I think the most important things is the site to work properly and simply. I think there is a great difference between shop and cosmetic site. If it was a cosmetic site, every single image, every single nuance would matter, here I want to be functional. Thank you again, if you have something else in mind tell me:)
  8. Hello guys! Here I would love to announce you the release of my first online shop! Any suggestions, ideas, criticism are welcome. Thank you very much! http://asavita.com/
  9. Hi, I think i have done everything to install it and it really showed twice, but when I refresh the page it disappears. I think I haven't pasted the code into this html file, because I don't know of which file exactly you are talking about. Thanks!
  10. Thank you guys for trying to help me:) Finally I solved my problem by myself and for those who will encounter the same problem, here is the explanation: you go to your file manager and open the installation you want, after this you go to the "themes" and choose the right theme- there you will find a file called "footer.tpl" and there you can remove some writings or change something or add something.
  11. I wasn't very correct- yes I have this in my cms block and and turn it off, but I downloaded one free theme and there is something called footer copyright at the bottom of the page and I deleted it in the global.css file but only the box disappeared, not the writings (copyright, all rights reserved and others). if u cant understand me I can send in here screenshot to show you exactly what I mean.Thank you!
  12. Hi guys. I have the newest version 1.5.4 and I was almost whole day trying to remove this Powered by Presta footer. I dont have blockvariouslinks module and it is not in the cms block. Any suggestions?
  13. Hmm interesting. I checked it , its int the right position, but somehow it dropped behind the slidebar.
  14. Yeah, thanks:) After a few hours somehow I got this! I had a problem with my categories block but I fixed it( it was pretty easy btw). But strangely somehow the search block has dropped down. Any ideas?
  15. Hi:) I decided to try one of these themes coz they look nice, clear and simple. When I imported the theme somehow the search block was dropped down. What was the problem? And how can I fix it? Thank you!
  16. Hi guys:) I am new here and I have a little problem. I tried to import a new theme and I really did it but somehow my default theme was changed too. I mean some of the features of the new theme were transferred into the default theme... How can I fix this coz I lost for example my categories block. Thank you very much!
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