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  1. Hi, I want to dispaly some content anywhere in the prestashop page from a hook in module.php file. let say on home page in the main content area: created a div "<div id='testing'></div>" then in the rightColumn hook i fetched some data using "Configuration::get('PS_DATA')". No from rightColumn hook, how can i display that data into my created div or how can i send data from right column to a specific tpl file? please reply asap. regards.
  2. Hi, I know that prestashop 1.5 supports multi-store functionality but, does prestashop 1.4 supports multi-store functionality? In prestashop 1.5: if the following lines are written in the modules main php file then the module functionality will work in all stores? e.g http://www.sample.com/store1 & http://www.sample.com/store2 if (Shop::isFeatureActive()) Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL); And if i want my module to be compatible with v1.4 & v1.5 then to achieve this multistore functionality i'll have to make seperate modules for v1.4 & v1.5 or it can be done in one single module? if it can be done in one single module then how to do that??? waiting for reply Regards.
  3. Hi, I'm creating a new module in prestashop and i'm using prestashop 1.5 webservices but, i have created some new tables in the database and i want webservices for those newly added table. Is that possible to add new tables to prestashop webservice? Can we create custom webservice for our new tables? If it is possible to add new tables to prestashop webservice then how can we do that what is the procedure to achieve this? where can i find step by step guide to implement this? Questions about prestashop 1.4.x.x: Which version in prestashop 1.4 is stable? Does prestashop 1.4.x.x stable version gives support for webservice & custom webservice??? Please reply asap.
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